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Delhi bride fights case against bridal lehengas studio
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Delhi Bride wins Case for her Bridal Lehenga being 2 inches Short and how to make sure this happens to you not!

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Your Wedding Day MUST be perfect. There is literally NO scope for the tiniest bit of error, particularly when it comes to your look! Any bride will FREAK OUT, if that doesn’t come out the way she thought 😱. But what happens if your dream lehenga wasn’t altered like you asked for when it was bought! Well, that’s what happened with one Delhi bride (nightmare 🙈) her bridal lehenga was made short and that left her fuming! She fought with the bridal studio and finally won the court case even though it was 8 years looming 😮

bride and her wedding lehenga
(c) Khushboo’s wedding by memoire photography ahmedabad

Who What and Why – Let’s hear the Story of this Delhi Bride and her Bridal Lehenga⬇︎

This Delhi Bride fought a court case with her lehenga designer for 8 LONG years because it was 2 inches short! What HORROR! Before the final delivery, she tried on the outfit and the bridal studio in Chandani Chowk promised to do the same (sadly the court hasn’t revealed their name 😐). So, when the studio sent the Bridal lehenga back, she assumed it was fixed. But, on her wedding day she realized it was still short and rectified not! *heartbreak*

Bride holding her lehengas in maroon and gold
(c) Dipak Studios

She pressed charges on the studio for the humiliation and embarrassment cause by them on her wedding day and won! Proving that your big day can be second to none! The bridal studio had to pay her the entire cost of the lehenga purchased i.e. INR 64,000 and INR 50,000 more for the harassment. Not only this, the studio will further have to pay INR 5 lakh to the consumer welfare fund of the state! Damn that’s checkmate 🔥

Damn! How to make sure this doesn’t happen with you?

beautiful red and gold lehenga on the bed
(c) Instagram

While this bride’s story is super scary, here are a few things you must do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Remember how we told you mistakes you need to avoid WHILE shopping for the lehenga – follow that to the t, along with our stylists’ advice on what all you need to check during the outfit trial so that the lehengas is perfect and comfy for a while ⬇︎

  • Don’t get it delivered to your doorstep, no matter how busy you are. Go and try on the outfit before taking it home AND making the final payments.
  • Check each and every thing super carefully when picking up the lehenga – the length, weight, color (can’t be washed to anywhere!) border length, symmetry and that there’s no peeping cancan!
  • In case you don’t have a drawstring at the waist, make sure it’s not too tight.
  • After reading this article we don’t need to tell you but please carry the heels you will be wearing that day and check the length.
  • At the time of ordering/trials, make sure the designer writes down all specifications and doesn’t just say “I will remember it”. Also, don’t forget to take a copy of the same. (Always have everything on paper, you can’t leave something so important to chance)
  • Ask them How to store it till the big day and even after so that nothing goes wrong in storage either!

There, with all these steps and tips on lehenga care, you can avoid this Delhi Bride’s Nightmare! Tag all your friends getting married below, so they also know 😇



Featured Image Source – Morvi Images from Purva’s Wedding



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