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Everything you need to know to plan for Rain on your Wedding Day

Having a monsoon wedding or worried about rain on your wedding day? Don’t let it rain on your parade a.k.a baraat (literally). How? Well, here are some super fun ideas to plan for the mausam ki barrish or make the most of the baarish ka pani

How to plan for Rain on your Wedding Day so you can beat that rain stress away

If you’ve checked the forecast for your big  day and in spite of crossing your fingers (yes, the one with that gorgeous ring on it) it still shows heavy showers, its time to find a way to deal. That’s why we spoke to wedding planners about how to prepare for rainy events, below is their big reveal

Indoor Incentives

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Pretty much the most simple option if you’re scared of the downpour is to book an indoor venue/ballroom so that nothing can phero water on all your wedding planning! Plus booking a ballroom means there’s less planning to do, ‘coz the hotel will take care of furniture/linen/centerpieces for you!

Baarish Backup

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If like us you feel nothing matches the charm of an outdoor wedding, don’t let the rain get you dreading! There are many venues which offer an outdoor space ALONG with an indoor part too  – That right there is the solution for you! If it does rain, just make sure you escort your guests indoor under umbrellas. After all you don’t want that to ruin their clothes AND your own Sabyasachi, right?


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You CAN have your dream of an outdoor wedding if you opt for waterproofing (weather proof tents) – this means getting a full covering done so that you can enjoy the outdoors minus the unpredictable weather. Get a see-through tent so the guests can see the pretty rains! *so romantic*

PS – For all those who’ve been asking us – water proofing is a tad on the expensive side and can cost around 150 Rs/sq foot v/s the basic tent costs of 30 Rs/sq foot

Dadi’s Weather Totkas

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We must listen to dadi sometimes, because dadi’s nuskhas always come in handy! Even though they sound like something she Made up after chugging a bottle of brandy. While they seem crazy, like all things faith, they realy work if you believe – pinky promise!

Here’s our top 2 rain totkas planners swear have worked

  1. They say if you take black dal and bury it in a potted plant /your lawn/venue that’ll stop the rains
  2. Take a new knife from your caterer/chef and plot it in one corner of the venue. Believe you me, this will prevent the rain even though we know it sounds insane!

PS – if you thought our people can be funny in their traditions, think again! Check out these weird wedding traditions from around the world.

There! You’re all set to beat the rain on your wedding day, the boss bride way!



Featured Image Source – Mandev Sindhu Photography