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Fab Free APPS every Bride MUST have to slay Indian Wedding Planning like a boss! 😎👊🏼

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Did he just spring a ring? Or did your parents nail the perfect arranged match? Well ladies, if you’re officially a bride TO BE then you know there’s a million things TO BE done 😱! #TrueStory. You’ll need help to tackle all these tasks, and sometimes you won’t know who to ask. Fret Not! We’ve got you a list of wedding planning apps that make planning a breeze and help you deal with everything on the go with soooo much ease 😎! So check out these free apps you didn’t know you can use to help with all the woes of Indian wedding planning and keep the stress at bay!

FAB & FREE APPS for your Indian Wedding Planning Needs, ON THE GO 😎

‘Coz on the go is the way to go. After all, the best planning is that which you do while stuck in traffic jams! Here are our favorite must-have tech tools (Other than Witty Vows!) for planning your wedding:

Wedding Planning Apps for the LIST LUST

For Brides who love LIVE to do lists : EverNote

Wedding planing apps you MUST see | free apps for Indian wedding planning | Evernote for lists
Evernote is a nifty little free app you can use to note down all your random inspiration, idea doodles and never ending thoughts. Its perfect for Ideas to store which you can even share by email and more! The app even auto syncs to all your other devices, so you’ll never have to update between you phone and comp! 😍

For those who want to get their minions aka bride tribe on the lists : Slack

Slack is like a private Facebook wall where you can have a wedding discussion with friends & family, sync calendars, share photos and create reminders and nail it all! A super organised WhatsApp group where you can search for things too 😍

Wedding Planning Apps for Planning with the Fam Bam

For those sharing guest lists/tracking rsvp/vendor lists : Google Drive

Wedding planing apps you MUST see | free apps for Indian wedding planning | Google Drive for group discussions and planing a wedding with the full family
Word documents, excel spreadsheets, PDFs, photos – carry your complete wedding planning folder on the go. No more confusion in emailing lists back and forth. The live edit and cloud synching (between everyone from your papa to planner) makes sure your wedding planning is easier than ever before!

Wedding Planning Apps for the DREAMY DECOR

For those who’re colour blind in love : Pantone Studio

Wedding planing apps you MUST see | free apps for Indian wedding planning | Pantone Studio for colour decisions
It all begins with the colour palate and unlike like Mr Grey there’s way more than 50 shades to pick from 😉! Pantone Studio does the colour coding for you. You can simply take a photo/pick from your Pinterest boards, and the app will find that exact hue AND show you the perfect combos to go with!

Ps. All good printers/designers work with Pantone shades on their comp making it so much easier for you to find common ground colour!

For those looking for A LOT of Wedding Inspiration : Pinterest

Think – kid in a candy shop, Pinterest is the motherland of candy shops ladies 💖. Whatever you’re looking for – themes, invitations, decor – Pinterest has some super pretty ideas to send your way. All you need to do is follow the right serial pinners (aka @WittyVows) pick what you like from their board and be a wedding winner! *Nailed It* – As a designer, I’ve lived off this for inspiration – One of the best free apps ever!

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Wedding Planning Apps for the PLANNING P.A.

For the Brides who need an awesome assistant : Wedding Happy

Wedding planing apps you MUST see | free apps for Indian wedding planning | Wedding Happy for your Indian wedding assistant
The app does what it says, it makes you happy ‘coz it’s the perfect P.A. that plans your tasks to keep your planning game on point! This awesome assistant even syncs your tasks to your time (aka calendar) with super sync features that don’t even cost a dime! ✨

Wedding Planning Apps for BETTER BUDGETING

For easy budgeting for the big fat Indian Wedding : Good Budget

Wedding planing apps you MUST see | free apps for Indian wedding planning | Good Budget App for wedding planning
Paisa ain’t Paani” but when you’re planning an Indian wedding, things can go a wee bit out of control. So this one is for your dad, sponsoring your wedding planning career debut 😜! Good Budget is like digital shagun envelopes for different things – decor, outfits etc. It helps track all your expenses so that you won’t overspend and go out of your senses! Psst! It even lets you share with dad so he’ll ensure you don’t do too bad!

There now you can have a dream wedding AND a life while planning it 😇! #Bridechilla

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Tell us what your favourite app is to plan your wedding in the comments below ⬇️

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