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Super Fun Ellen Games that are Perfect for your Wedding Celebrations 👌🏻!

Innovative Games for Indian Wedding Functions? Yes please! And what better games than Ellen games 😛

Bored of the usual wedding entertainment? We bring to you a lowdown of 10 crazy fun games from the Ellen show that are a perfect fit for your various wedding celebrations!


Give the game a special Wedding Twist and play it with your spouse on the sangeet where both of you must recognise your new relatives and spouse’s friends within 3 seconds! Phew! No Pressure 😛


Now that’s a classic, and this one isn’t for the faint hearted either! It’s a great game for your youngster’s party as an icebreaker between friends!  You can also spice up the questions to make a super bachelorette/ stag party game as well!


A super cute game to play with your girls for a fun bachelorette night at home! All your friends can take turns deciding what the bride must pitch while she tries to sell the innocent/not so innocent merchandise.

This is by far our favourite Ellen game! What’s more even Salman and Shahrukh gave this a hilarious shot last year on TV! So follow in the superstars’ footsteps (ek baar commitment and all that jazz…) and gear up to play this fun guessing game with your friends and family at the sangeet celebrations. The Best bit of the game – it records all the Fun!

Psst! Some may even take a cue from this guy and sneak in a sweet proposal instead!

You can even download the game here:
Download HEADS UP


A perfect addition to your list of games for the bachelorette/bachelor party. Brave couples can even have a go at this together, but bear in mind these are dangerous waters to dive into, but you know what they say, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger…PSYCH!


Haha! This one is for the cute elders who just don’t get the music we play today (let’s be honest, there are few songs whose lyrics leave the best of us confused!) So  this game spun desi is a super cute way to involve your adorable relatives in the Sangeet and have them guess if “kudu kendi mane pehle Jaguar dedo, phir jinna marzi pyar lelo” is a rap song/wrong song


Another engaging game where the bride and groom’s sides can indulge in a little friendly competition in more than just dance.


This one is for them girls! Make a naughty version of this for the bachelorette and enjoy splits of laughter as all the girls come up with their own definitions for some ‘interesting’ words!

So get ready to make some waves at your wedding with these Ingenious Ellen Games and have a blast with your loved ones!


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Featured Image Source : kimberly photography. gif by Gify. All videos from : EllenTube,  Images Curated by Witty Vows