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Happy Honeymoons – Women Don’t Need To Change their Last Name In their Passport After Marriage says PM

If you’re getting married, theres a LOT of Newness that you need to brace your self for – New life, New BAE, New Fambam, New house, New rules, New Wardrobes even, and finally a New Last Name! Everything else is a non optional part of the deal that you’ll be happy to accept (#TBT New Wardrobe) but it’s the last name that’s a real toughie! Yes, you’re starting a whole new chapter of your life, but changing your last name sometimes feels like you’re completely letting go of your roots, which may we add is quite damn hard! Add to that all the overwhelming paper work that takes forever to complete, just waiting for it to process could wreak havoc with your dream honeymoon holiday plans!

What’s in a name?

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For some people, nothing. But for others – emotion, identity, history and a whole lot more. To change your name or not is thus a very personal choice. You’ve been Miss *** all your life, it’s okay if doesn’t seem right to change your very identity just ‘coz you’re a wife!

But so far, changing your last name also made life easy, ‘coz its way hard to travel, book rooms (blush) and do any further basic paperwork for banks/insurance etc if your last name doesn’t scream you’re BAE’s official Biwi! Yikes! Well here’s some great news for all them girls who want to keep their ‘original’ last name, The PM has officially announced that the name change on your passport is an unwritten rule you no longer need to entertain! That means it’s now ACTUALLY your choice, if you prefer to adopt BAEs family name or flaunt your own name with Poise!

What the PM said?

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Image Source – Hindustan Times

“Women are free to retain their maiden names in their passports now after their marriage, from now onwards, women will not have to change their names in the passport after their marriage” – Modi told a gathering of the Indian Merchants Chambers’ ladies wing over a video conferencing.

This statement is a welcome step towards a fab new mindset for millennial India. For brides who want to continue with their maiden name, this has your back. Bye-Bye judgemental looks, embarrassing situations and never-ending name change paperwork!

Let’s add this to the list of reasons why we’re falling in love with Mr. Modi!

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