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Honeymoon Packing to Avoid a HAIRY Situations !

Planning a Looong Honeymoon? What’s not to love about a month long adventure with your S.O.(Significant Other)?  Err, how about figuring out how to get a quick waxing session without cueing him in on it? EEPS!😳

Don’t Panic, we’ll help you get to the root of this problem! We get that it’s too early in your relationship to walk up to your husband and say “Honey, I need to go get Waxed Today!” Many coy new brides would just be petrified of the awkwardness that will ensue! And don’t get your feminist knickers in a bunch, it is nice to keep all the less sexy albeit girly details to yourself in the beginning!

Question is, what do you do? Here are few easy DIY options you could choose from and pack in your travel bag just to be on the safe side!


What that includes: Razors cut the hair where it meets the skin. They’re a pretty nifty option to use on the go and create minimal fuss as well. If you use a good gel/cream you will get results that are pretty hard to Beat!

Stuck in a hairy situation for the honeymoon - try shaving - witty vows

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Time: 30 mins to shave the legs + armpits

Cost: Rs 500

Downside: Sadly, the results won’t last for too long! We only recommend this as a one off emergency method for your honeymoon woes, as it comes with some ingrown hair and occasional nicks/cuts if you aren’t too careful. Also the some people report hair growth that is more coarse than before!

Pros: Necessity is the mother of invention girls! This pretty much gets the job done quick and economically with little-no mess.

Best for: Legs, arms and armpits.

Tip: Always shave slowly and carefully. To minimize the risk of ingrown hair, exfoliate the area, shave in the direction of the hair growth and apply a moisturiser after shaving.

✔️Recommended Brands : Gillette Venus is a Good pick for a very Reasonable price.


What that Includes: These Strips work with the heat generated by your palm friction. All you need to do is apply the strip and pull against the direction of the hair growth to DIY your waxing.

Stuck in a hairy situation for the honeymoon - try cold wax strips - witty vows

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Time: 45 mins for arms+legs

Cost: Rs. 170  for 20 Strips (this should cover your legs and arms)

Downside: The Entire process is very Time consuming and Tiresome 😓

Pros: It does the job pretty well and does what it promises – a low cost DIY alternative to salon waxing. It even pulls really small hair starting from 2mm and lasts for upto 2 weeks.

Best for: Legs and Armpits.

Tip: Always keep some baby oil handy as the perfect finish wipes that come with it will definitely Run Out and Oil will come handy to remove Extra Wax.

✔️Recommended Brands: Veet is undoubtedly the Best Brand to use for this in India.


Depilatory creams, lotions, roll-ons and foams all use a chemical compound to dissolve the hair at the surface of the skin. Approximately 3-10 minutes after application, the hair gets removed by rubbing the area with a washcloth.

Stuck in a hairy situation for the honeymoon - try creams - witty vows

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Time: 15 mins

Cost: Rs. 145 for 100 ml

Downside: These can irritate the skin or cause Allergic reactions and therefore should always be tested on a small patch before. They can also be messy and usually have an unpleasant smell!

Pros: This is the most pain free method and is super quick as well!

Best for: Legs, Arms and Armpits

Tip: Use an exhaust fan please as the smell can be overwhelming!

✔️Recommended Brands : Veet and Anne French are reliable brands to use


Epilators look a lot like electric shavers, but they work by pulling body hairs out of the follicle under the skin, rather than cutting them at the skin’s surface.

Stuck in a hairy situation for the honeymoon - try epilators- witty vows

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Time: 30 – 45 mins

Cost: Good epilators start from Rs 1800 onwards, but this is a one time cost.

Downside: The process is Slower because an epilator can’t pull a lot of hair at one time. Using an epilator can be uncomfortable at first, especially in the bikini area; the pain does subside with frequent use,

Pros: Epilators give you longer-lasting hair removal results. Your skin can stay smooth for up to four weeks and new hair appears to grow back finer. Unlike shaving, this leaves no ingrown hair.

Best for: Legs, Arms, Underarms, Bikini area

Tip: We recommend getting an exfoliating glove or a body scrub. Exfoliation is tremendously important if you want to prevent ingrown hairs.

✔️Recommended brands: Phillips and Braun are good picks.


Tweezers lift strands of hair from the roots individually and are great for small damage control.

Stuck in a hairy situation for the honeymoon - try tweezers- witty vows

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Time: 15 mins for eyebrows and upper lips

Cost: Rs. 200 should score you a Good tweezer.

Downside: It can be a bit painful and is only recommended for Super Small Areas.

Pros: Its a great travel alternative to threading.

Best for: Eyebrows and Upper Lips

Tip: Tweezing regularly throughout your trip will ensure that you have a flawless face and when done regularly you won’t need more than 5 mins to do this!

✔️Recommended Brands: Vega and Bare Essentials

So Ladies, pick your travel partner from the hacks above and Quit worrying about getting stuck in Hairy Situations! It’s Smooth Sailing from here on, Happy Honeymooning 💏!


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