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Indian wedding idea | Sumant jayakrishnan design | Thread Installation |curated by witty Vows
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Indian Wedding Ideas & Trends with Sumant Jayakrishnan : Decor Ideas with the Sultan of Indian Wedding Design

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Meet the Sultan of set design, the noted installation artist & Indian wedding designer extraordinaire – Mr. Sumant Jayakrishnan. Known for his one of a kind Indian wedding ideas & aesthetics, he’s been the designer behind India’s most noteworthy high-profile weddings in this past decade.

A pioneer in the Indian Wedding Space, Sumant reveals new Indian wedding Ideas and trends for this season of 2016 – 2017! YAY! Take notes, it doesn’t get more insightful than this ✏️

We caught up with him at the ICWF 2016 and asked him for Indian Wedding ideas and Trends for this year ⬇︎

Grandeur and scale” Says Sumant. Most definitely these are two things without which an Indian Wedding just won’t be complete! No matter what the theme of the wedding, somewhere, we all tend to strive for grandeur in our functions. That’s where Rajasthan and dreams of palace weddings come in.

Decor By Sumant | Source

“On one level, it is the context of India, Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses. Yes, it needs to be Indian for the Indian functions but, even there that quirk and twist becomes important.” He says.

PRO TIP: Rather than replicating inspiration as is, its important to ask your designer to find a way to tune into your personality to find a fresh twist for YOU. In one of his earlier interviews, Sumant rightfully identified that dilemma in us all – “We keep on saying, We want something different, something new.”  (ahem! deja vu?) “But that different or new is just a twist on how you look at it.”

Decor by Sumant Jayakrishnan | Source
Decor by Sumant Jayakrishnan | Source

“An opportunity and also the trend I’m seeing is that people want ideas which are quirky, yet adaptable. And sustainable and also not so expensive” – He says.

Thread Installation by Sumant at India Art Fair
Thread Installation by Sumant at India Art Fair

His recent events have all moved towards more small, intimate and personal settings. “It’s been small groups of people, more private and intimate versus the larger things.”  We agree, nothing beats a beautifully done personalised wedding. This doesn’t mean it’s lacking in grandeur or the wow factor! Mind you, this too is done with great panache and mind numbing detailing, only, it’s for a smaller guest list!

Indian wedding idea | Sumant jayakrishnan design | Thread Installation |curated by witty Vows
Floral wedding concept By Sumant | Source

Want to add Sumant’s advice to your own wedding? It’s actually very easy to add these details in your wedding. Let’s break it down ⬇︎

QUIRKY AND INEXPENSIVE  – While it may not be Sumant’s legendary scenographic styling, you can still bring a little twist to your decor by using everyday products in a new light! Check out these super stunning DIY ideas for a quirky mehndi with the traditional twist on point! Need more inspiration? Well, you’re in luck check out our decor freebie themes which you can tailor to your taste and create your own visual magic 😇

ORGANIC AND SUSTAINABLE – You too can and should ride the organic and sustainable wave. Look at vertical gardens, green inspired themes, personal details like potted plant favours, organic local food, fruits and vegetables as decor even! In fact, you can take few easy steps to have a sustainable wedding on the whole and contribute to society without compromising on your dream wedding! 👏

Have any other easy DIY Hacks to these trends or need help creating your dream theme? Tell us in the comments below ⬇︎




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