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FREE MakeUp Apps for wedding makeup trials for Indian Brides – Every Busy & Budget Bride’s Dream!

This one is for them power brides always on the up and about. Hosting your wedding means taking care of a gazillion things, all cramped into your already super tight schedule! So, how do you find your perfect wedding day look on a timer? Well, since you loved our post on FREE apps to help you plan your Indian wedding, we knew you could use these FREE Makeup trial apps too. Yep these apps are the answer to your time crunch and will make sure your wedding look still delivers a punch!

Why do you need a Wedding Makeup Trial

First things first – ALWAYS do a makeup trial before blocking your big day makeup artist.

You wouldn’t book a photographer without looking at their portfolio, would you? No. So why choose your wedding makeup look without a trial?  This is an important first step ladies, because you need to figure out what look you want and what will look good on you.

We cannot stress on the importance of make up trials enough. Just taking recommendations from people doesn’t suffice. Everyone has different skin tones, traits and features, what looks runway worthy on one, may be run-away worthy on another. Yes, we know what you are thinking – a bunch of trials can mean a butt load of money….Not anymore!

Psst! – BTW here’s a list of Makeup artists in Delhi NCR that we totally love

Our favourite FREE Makeup APPs that every Indian Bride MUST have to perfect her Makeup Trials

Ladies you can do these trial marathons for wait for it…free! How? Just simply pull out your phone and download these super realistic makeover apps to find your APPily ever after makeup look!

Virtual Makeup Trials - Witty Vows
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Lets check them out:

Virtual Makeup Trials - Witty Vows
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One of the most popular digital makeover apps out there, modiface is gold for girls looking for a perfect new look. Not only does it use a killer face recognition technology to try out looks on your selfie, but it also has a host of pre set celebrity styles to choose from! Creating your own look, however, means that you get the option to check out different ways to try on eyeliner, match foundation, lipsticks and eyeshadows with your skin tone. ModiFace make up is a virtual dream come true!

Cost: Free

Available for : iPhone, Android, and Windows.

Virtual Makeup Trials - Witty Vows
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This is a perfect pocket-size professional retoucher. It’s premade look library makes it so easy to try new makeup looks along with experimenting in different lipcolours, foundations, eyeliners the works! The App gives you professional makeup looks in mere minutes, allowing you to select and save one that your makeup artist can replicate on you!

There’s even a handy before and after feature you can use for a quick reality check 😛

Cost : Free download with In app purchases

Available for : iPhone and Android 

Virtual Makeup Trials - Witty Vows
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This app uses super-advanced technology to show you how various products look on your face in real time — at all angles! The only downside is that you can only test L’Oreal products, but a good makeup artist can replicate the look with any brand so you should be in good hands J

Cost : Free

Available for iPhone

Virtual Makeup Trials - Witty Vows
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This app is almost perfect. YouCam helps you select looks based on events such as dating, ’40s, rock concert… it will literally show you the best makeup look for every occasion. This will help you narrow down the intensity of the makeup you want for your different functions straight off the bat!

Cost: Free

Available for iPhone and Android

#4 ModiFace Virtual Nail Salon
Virtual Makeup Trials - Witty Vows
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This one is for them glamorous manicures! The ModiFace Virtual Nail Salon app allows you to get a virtual mani, so you can see how different shades and effects look on your nails without spending tons of time swatching at the store. So girls now you no longer have to waste hours applying and drying to find your perfect big day shades to best flash that ring 😀

Cost: Free

Available for : iPhone here  and Android here.

What we’re waiting for – SNAPchat

Virtual Makeover - Snapchat filter | Curated by Witty Vows

Err, that already exists yes, we know, but very soon snapchat filters will be sponsored by makeup brands allowing you to try custom looks on this popular app!

L’Oréal Paris has already made a Snapchat lens. The L’Oréal’s graphic applies eyeliner in the shape of a cat eye, mascara, foundation, blush and a lip color to selfies. When the app detects that someone has raised their eyebrows, camera lights flash around the person before the L’Oréal logo pops up with a heart next to it. We want these filters in India Stat!

While that’s on our Wishlist, here’s how you can use the new snapchat custom story feature that INDIA just got to SLAY your wedding photo game

So enjoy your free, on the go makeup trials so that you can look FabUlous on the big day!


Which App did you love the most? Tell us in the comments below ⬇︎

Featured Image Source – Plush Affairs Photography, Bhopal