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Bachelorette Hack - Beat the Hangover | Witty Vows | Advice for Indian Brides
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Bachelorette Hacks 101 – How to Beat the Hangover 😇🍷!

A bachelorette party may not necessarily mean a night of drunken debauchery, but will most probably turn into a drunken night for sure! You will definitely have a blast the night of, But the problem comes in handling the morning after! Don’t fret, here are few nifty hacks that you can do to prevent that nasty next morning hangover! 😎

What to do

Bachelorette Hack - Beat the Hangover | Witty Vows | Advice for Indian Brides | Things NOT to do

Party smart – Literally! Girls pop a Party Smart before you head out and it’ll do wonders for the morning.

Meet your match  – Water is your partner for the night. Alcohol can lead to dehydration, so make sure to continuously drink water throughout the night. Try matching each alcoholic drink with one glass of water to avoid that next-day pain.

Eat a Treat – Of course you don’t want to look or feel bloated at a bar on a Saturday night. That dress must fit, we get it! But, you must eat enough proteins to give your body a chance to battle that boozy hangover!

Go Cuckoo for Coconuts! – Yep! Drink plenty of coconut water girls, good old nariyal paani isn’t just refreshing but filled with goodness to replenish your vitals. It’ll replace your fluids and electrolytes, the nutrients you lose when you drink! And it’ll even do a little something for your hung-over skin

You must Snooze/You’ll Loose! – Duh! Right? While this sounds pretty obvious, most people don’t get nearly enough sleep. Sleep won’t save you from a hangover, but, it will improve your immunity and get your body ready to handle a night of heavy drinking.
Keep Sunday clear so you can sleep in, or plan to take Monday off, so you’ve got plenty of recovery time.

What Not to do

Bachelorette Hack - Beat the Hangover | Witty Vows | Advice for Indian Brides | Things NOT to do

Mix and Match your outfitnot your booze – That’s a BAD idea girls! Keep it simple and keep it classy – The more expensive liquors are usually distilled more times, So take it up a notch with some top-shelf booze and stick to your drink for the night!

Bye Bye Bubbly – The bubbles in champagne may accelerate the absorption of alcohol, so you get drunker faster. The problem is that this produces especially bad hangovers! So control the champagne please!

Colourful isn’t Cool – Stick to clear drinks. Yes, there’s actually science behind sticking to clear alcohols! Congeners, which are compounds linked to hangover symptoms, are found in larger quantities in dark liquors, like whiskey and, shucks! Red wine. Damn!

Just follow these nifty hacks and you’ll be party ready and hangover free in no time for that EPIC last fling before the ring!🎉🎉

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