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Insider Info – How to Nail a Fab Holi Shoot for your Wedding Video like Miss Style Fiesta aka Masoom Minawala! 💖😎

Still tripping on the kickass holi shoot and party Masoom Minawala aka Miss Style Fiesta threw? Well, we’re revealing how you can get one too! So, while the internet was going apeshit admiring the party, we decided to decode it with professional tips so you too can have a wedding video that’s equally arty! If like us, you’re totally in love with the idea and want to try twinning the holi feel for your own wedding reel, keep reading ‘coz we got your back with an insider info hack! 😇
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65Pw-F_U-Gs]

Here’s everything you need to know on how to nail a holi shoot that’s ALL out, straight from the horse’s Miss Style Fiesta’s Fab Viral Videographer’s Mouth! 😎

Recalling the shoot with us (pun intended) is Raonak Hathiramani @ Recall Pictures a.k.a the video ninja behind Masoom Minawala’s trending holi videos. He reveals everything you need, to nail a fab holi shoot for your pre-wedding party or just your insta feed! 😮

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Step 1: Get your Mains

  1. A fab photographer with some fancy equipment (a Freefly for crisp camera movement and a drone is a definite plus for a video shoot) and a crazy cling wrap game to protect all that fancy equipment!😜
  2. A super enthusiastic bunch of friends
  3. A Co2 Gun for that Special Effects feel
  4. An outdoor venue with minimum to no decor on the roof to really let the colours fly ✨
  5. The candid colour thalis 


Masoom minawala | miss style fiesta wedding | holi shoot
Pic Courtesy – Raonak Hathramani, the man with a plan camera (left)

Step 2 : Planning makes perfect

Professionals always recommend you plan in advance! Perfection doesn’t happen without planning. Raonak had 3 months to plan this shoot with Masoom and they were constantly exchanging references over WhatsApp, Messenger, mails…even tagging each other on random Instagram posts! 😝

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuj1psxFQXY]

What all do YOU need to plan?

Lets hear from the pro, here’s everything you need to know

1. Your entry

“This is super important right to the direction of your walk to the props that specific friends need to hold. Choreograph it, but just a little. With that small nudge they usually fall into their place themselves.”

2. The Camera View and your Crew

“Arrange your guests and let them know where they have to stand during any entry/dance performances so that they don’t block cameras.”  If the camera guys view isn’t nailed, it’s going to be an #EPICFail

3.  The Right Light!

“Always make sure to hold you event between 3-6pm. Take advantage of the magic hour light.”

4. The Colour

“Wear coordinated colours. Preferably all guests in white apart from the bride and groom. Symmetry goes along a long way.”

5. Your Highlight Shots

“It’s important to plan and discuss the highlight shots which you feel MUST be taken in masoom’s case it was her twirling with a thali” *wow

Step 3: Spontaneity

“Forget the cameras, get drunk and have a gala time. Rage! Spontaneity looks stunning on screen.”

There, that’s everything you need to get a holi shoot like the epic one at Miss Style Fiesta’s wedding! Trust us, this fun shoot is a decision you won’t be dreading!😉


Images (c) Miss Style Fiesta via Instagram and Videos (c) Recall Pictures