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The DeepVeer engagement on deepika's birthday!
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Mere (Deep)Veer Di Wedding Hai – All you need to know about the DeepVeer engagement news!

Okay, hold it! We’re still getting over the fabulousness that was the Virushka wedding in Tuscany and now news is that another favourite Bollywood couple is all set to tie the knot! 😍 Say What? Yep! We’re holding onto the edge of our seat, ‘coz sources say its time for the DeepVeer engagement! 😮🔥

The DeepVeer engagement | Deepika and Ranveer
Source – Bollywood Life

Rumour has it that Deepika and Ranveer are getting engaged tonight in a ceremony so sweet! The couple who’ve been Bollywood’s sweethearts for years are rumoured to exchange rings tonight! That should be quite a sight 💖

Why Are We Hoping It’s Time For The DeepVeer Engagement?

The DeepVeer engagement
Source – India Today

The couple brought in New Year together with their fam in Maldives and is currently celebrating DP’s 32nd birthday (as is tradition. They celebrate her big day together every year. 😍 Awwww!) in Sri Lanka and we’re told it’s here that they’ll get engaged tonight! Now that’s couple goals done right! A real HAPPY birthday it’ll be 🙌🏼 Though, some hearts will also break, after all Raveer is one of our top 5 celebrity crushes too. No worries, you own BAE will just have to do 😜

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While 2017 was clearly a year for celebrity weddings with #Virushka on top and really NOT Padmavati’s (given all the negative publicity surrounding the film’s release), seems like 2018 is going to be #DeepVeer’s Yes Please!

All we can do is wait and see, if tonight is the night itll be a cracker of one seriously! After all, mere DeepVeer di wedding hai! Do you think the news is a publicity stunt or its true, tell us in the comments below won’t you?



Featured Image Source – The Asian Age