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How to pinterest without going bananas by Witty Vows
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I Do-oodles – How to PINTEREST Your Wedding Without Going BANANAS!!

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it, since we were little girls, we’ve been dreaming of our wedding day. Somewhere between playing ghar ghar with the cousins, we sort of had an idea of what the big day was going to be like. From dreamy visions to saving ideas from Bollywood’s best films, from finding pictures in seventeen magazine (Damn! I miss that) to putting ideas from weddings we attended in a tidy little corner of our mind labeled – shaadi stuff. Somewhere, we girls have been cataloging ideas all along.

Then, Pinterest was invented and ever since then, all hell broke loose!

How to pinterest without going bananas at witty vows

A FREE tool to save all the happy images that we love (and we love a lot) which we just MAY use (or not)! Heaven forbid if anything ever got deleted from that board, I mean, we NEED that board, we NEED all those ideas!!

How to pinterest without going bananas at witty vows

Yep. Here in lies the problem with Pinterest, because now, you’re finally engaged to the man of your dreams, you finally get to use that “Dream Wedding” board, but it’s overflowing with 500 pins that you’ve collected (and refuse to delete) over the last few years!!! Yes, it’s gorgeous, but it’s also confusing and has no direction. Hell, if I had a penny for every bride that started with “this is what I want…..” and enter her super intense million pinterest boards, I would be crazy rich! Emphasis on the crazy!  😯

What I’m saying is, with so much free inspiration its super easy to loose yourself. And brides often not only get confused but confuse their wedding designers/planners as well.

How to pinterest without going bananas at witty vows

So Here is some some FREE advice on how to use that FREE pinterest so that you don’t loose your head or chop off your planner’s either!


You cannot use 500 pins under any circumstances. As hard as it may be you need to narrow it down – you HAVE to.  Create a completely new board – revisit your old board and resin only what you must, to your new board.

Keep these things in mind –

Your wedding season – Summer/winter, Your function venue – Indoor/outdoor, Your function time – daytime/night

The board should give you direction, not a migraine!


Put pins that belong together and create themes. Look for similarities and things that match. Make newer boards from these pins that go together. This right here is the mistake most people make. They just randomly pin what they like but never put things together!

After all, you cant exactly have a fun Paper flower backdrop WITH that baajirao inspired dome for you to sit under WITH those chintz cushions you liked WHILE serving drinks in those 50 different styles of jars that you pinned!

That ladies is not a wedding, that is a khichdi! And NOT a tasty one either!

Clubbing similar pins together will empower you. What you will end up with is 5-6 mood/theme boards.


Do not waste your time on pretty pictures that are unattainable! You need to find out what is actually possible. Consult and actually listen to your planner! What looks super cool as a pin may look super crude in reality!

Even if you don’t have a planner and your chacha and mama are doing the preparation for you with the tent wala, ask him – after all he is the one who actually has to make it!

And the deciding factor ofcourse – is what daddy says is in budget!

So, make sure your planning doesn’t stop at pinning.


Once you do have a narrower idea, a board that has feasible yet pretty pins that go together, think of how you can give your unique spin to these pins. You’ll be surprised as to how a simple little twist can elevate an event! What I do as a designer is take what my brides love and design something that pulls from that inspiration, but is personal to them by coming up with fresh ways to incorporate the elements they found.Its these personal touches that form details that guests and you remember for posterity. Remember these twists need not be huge, even small ones that when applied across the board can make a huge impact!

That being said , you are now Pinsafe to create a pinteresty paradise!

Do follow our pinterest boards for all the awesome curated pins 🙂

Happy Pinning!


P.S. if you have a pinstrosity or a pinterest board thats out of whack do tell us we’ll help sort you out 🙂

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