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plus size bride taking the internet by storm
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Ishleen – A Beautiful Plus Size Bride setting major Bride Goals!

Couple– Ishleen + Ankit | Location – Delhi. It’s not every day you see a wedding so inspiring and beautiful. Ishleen our plus size bride is trending on Internet for all the right reasons, breaking stereotypes and giving us major Bridal AND Body Positive Goals ❤

Love Story 💖 A Plus size bride who met her groom a day before their engagement!

“So my husband was in Melbourne, and I was in Delhi. Our families knew of each others existence through some mutual friends, but nothing more than that. So we were shown each other’s pictures online, and yes, they let us talk on the phone to get to know each other. But we never met or saw each other. It was just one day before our “engagement” that he flew down to Delhi. So yes, I saw him an evening before our parents had arranged a big engagement party (read 200-300 guests) and that was the beginning of us! Pretty traditional, right? Hahaha! I still can’t believe I agreed to get engaged without having met the guy even once. But touchwood, it all turned out to be for the best!”

Highlights from this Beautiful Sikh Wedding for our role model plus size bride

Here are some of our favourite memories from this pretty wedding! Right from the mehendi to that gorgeous Anand Karaj, this wedding has our heart💕



Anand Karaj

From The Bride

My vision as a bride was more centred to be accepting of the fact that I am not falling for the societal pressure of loosing weight to become a good looking traditional Indian bride. I have been a body positive advocate for so long and though I agree that I work out for health reasons, I did not want to fall for the whole “if you don’t loose weight you’ll regret your wedding pictures!”

“I mean come on, look at those pictures, aren’t they gorgeous? And do i, even for a second, sound remorseful while flaunting my bulging tummy in my lehenga or my heavy arms in any of these pictures? No! I wanted to be as happy and peaceful and accepting of myself as I have ever been to not just ease things for myself but also to let onlookers know that getting married in your natural shape isn’t a crime and that you should be happy and proud of yourself.”

Their Dream Team

Photography: Rajesh Digital | Makeup & Hair: Face Stories by Leena Bhushan | Floral Jewellery: Kanyaadhan By Dhiraj Aayushi | Bride’s Outfits: Chetan Sarees; Bride and Beautiful Couture| Mehendi: Arpit Mehendi Artist