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sanjay kapoor, sonam kapoor arjun kapoor and Mohit marwah at their brother's wedding in Abu dhabi
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Shaadi, Style & Sibling goals – Things you MUST do at your family wedding – Sonam Kapoor & Arjun Kapoor at their cousin’s Wedding in Abu Dhabi #Akmash

Meet the Kapoor clan – a.k.a Sonam Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor – we’re talking the whole jing bang! The Kapoor cousins just got together for their brother’s wedding and their Instagram handle #Akmash is setting major Sibling goals and more 😍. Their Delhi based filmmaker-entrepreneur cousin Akshay Marwah  tied the knot last night at the dreamy Emirates place in Abu Dhabi and his wedding was all sorts of Nawabi! Other than the pretty wedding, it’s his cousin’s shaadi mode that we’re eyeing. The Kapoor & Sons Siblings pretty much nailed the must do sibling duties you’ll all find yourself trying. Let’s check them out ⬇︎😎

Things you MUST do at your Cousin’s wedding by the Kapoor & Sons Siblings – Your official wedding to do list 🙂

The pre wedding gaming get togethers

We are #Akmash ready ❤

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Sonam Kapoor and Mohit Marwah with the fam bam  gearing up for the #Akmash wedding 

A shaadi ka ghar must be witness to some epic pre wedding nights, all the fam bam MUST get together for some dinner, drinks, dress-up and delight! The Kapoors brought in the wedding in style (it’s Sonam Kapoor’s brother after all, style is a given! 💖)

Set Major OOTS goals (this is THE Kapoor sisters after all!)

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 Rhea Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor dish out fashion inspiration

 Sridevi and her Daughter’s In Manish Malhotra stunners 
What’s a wedding where you’re not dressing up to the nines. This one has the Bollywood fashionistas in attendance the fashion here meant absolute resplendence. We’re talking Sridevi, Jhanvi Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor and of course Sonam herself – it’s not everyday the at the leading ladies at a wedding are from the silver screen, you know what that means! #FashionGoals to Drool over! ⬇︎😍

Sridevi with her daughters Kushi and Jhanvi in Manish Malhotra Outfits

Rhea and Sonam Kapoor with their fab offbeat fashion choices!

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Make time for Fam Bam Bonding

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 Sonam and Arjun chilling together

Cousin chilling is a must do at every family wedding, if you don’t manage quality time with your siblings that’s definitely something you’ll be dreading!😋

Crack Compulsory Lame Jokes with your Cousins

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We all have that one funny cousin. It won’t be fun if he doesn’t crack a pun (or a million 😜). At this wedding Arjun Kapoor was the fun family comic. *Adorable*

Indulge in Sangeet “performances”

Mohit Marwah and Arjun Kapoor on the dance floor
You HAVE to shake a leg (after you’ve downed a peg…maybe more) at your cousin’s Sangeet, the wedding will be incomplete without your performance!

PS. This also includes shaking a leg with your uncles on the dance floor, in this case it’s on HIS song 😂 (literally!)

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Arjun Kapoor matching beats with Anil Kapoor

Get a selfie with the celebrity performer (yep! It’s not just you, famous people do that too 😮!)

Mohit Marwah and Sanjay  Kapoor with Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Then there’s the MUST have selfie with the celebrity performer, doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity too, this is something you’ve got to do!

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BE the Band Baaja and Baraat

Its your Veer di Wedding – you’ve got to be a part of the Band Baaja Baraat, quite literally so!

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 Arjun Kapoor leading the Baraat

Anil Kapoor and nephew Mohit Marwah doing the quintessential Baraat Dance

A post shared by sonamkapoor (@sonamkapoor) on Feb 28, 2017 at 1:55am PST

 Sister Sonam snugly tucked in her Brother Akshay’s side – delivering the groom to his bride 🙂

We know what you’re thinking, you’re totally doing this at your next family wedding! (oh! and also, that this is one good looking family :😜😮😍 )

Till the next super fun wedding…


What’s the ‘duty’ you’ll be doing best at your family wedding? Tell us in the comments below ⬇︎😇

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