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DIY Sangeet

Super fun AND easy Indian wedding choreography videos that you can totally use for your Sangeet Performances!

Planning your sangeet performances? Well, we’ve just made that whole process a LOT easier for you! Because you guys loved our songs  for the sangeet so much, we  one better. Our team has scoured the internet for the Most fun and easy wedding choreography videos on trending, upbeat, masala songs that you can use for the sangeet! And guys, these moves are super easy to learn but super hard to beat! YAY

Our Pick of FAB Indian Wedding Choreography videos you need to bookmark for your Sangeet Performances ⬇︎

Be it the bride besties, grooms men, family or the couple themselves, these videos have some super fab yet, easy moves for you, whether you have one left foot or two !

#1 Badri Ki Dulhaniya | Ritu’s Dance Studio

This video has the perfect steps to this upbeat song that we’re sure is part of your sangeet song list. Ritu’s even recorded a separate step by step Badri ki Dulhaniya dance tutorial which you can watch right here to learn all these moves and perfect your sangeet performances

#2 Ghani Baawri | Dance for Togetherness

Okay, we’re in love with this choreography for the bride’s dance! It’s sweet and simple, subtle and stunning all at the same time, plus, you gotta love how the bridesmaids have her back

#3 Gandi Baat | Soul to Sole

The perfect track for squad’s group dance, Sana and Robin’s choreography isn’t just a fun video to watch, but it’s also sooo fun to do! Since its made to double as a cardio workout, the steps are simple but, combine this with your excited BFF’s almost Ranveer Singh levels of energy and we have a sure shot sangeet winner!

PSST! Here’s some fab ideas to make them dance practices crazy fun as well!

#4 Kaala Chashma | Ridy Sheikh

You Can’t talk of wedding songs and NOT include Kaala Chashma! Pretty much last year’s wedding anthem, this song is still going strong! This video is the perfect dance Inspo to get your kaala chashma moves on

#5 Suit Suit Karda | Vicky Patel

This song is for your boy tribe, to state the obvious – Tenu Suit Suit Karda! Yes, the song is crazy high on energy but Vicky’s cracked steps that are easy yet match the beats, so even them non dancers can rock this one. Here’s the step by step tutorial for this trending punjabi track – so go ahead, break a leg (NOT literally !)

#5 Hawa Hawa | Vicky and Aakanksha

Freshly minted, this track is just perfect for a high energy dance with BAE and vicky and akasha’s video will help you make sure you slay!

There! You’re all ready to set the stage on fire , pick any of these upbeat and awesome Indian wedding songs and hence off to your heart’s desire .

Which choreography is your fav.? Tell us in the comments below ⬇︎



Featured Image Source – The Dream Diaries