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Talking to Blogger Bride Diipa Khosla about her BUDDYMoon & Dreamy Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Don’t we just love it when our favorite celebs get married and leave us Drooling over their wedding pictures(sometimes literally!). There is always so much to spot in a celeb wedding! This time it’s our fav. blogger Diipa Khosla who tied the note with her beau Oleg. We’re obsessed (literally) with everything from her dreamy destination Wedding in Udaipur! The sweetest part is, instead of a regular honeymoon, she went for a BUDDYmoon with all her mains (LOVE the idea!)

Diipa Khosla – The Celebrity Bride Who Went On A BuddyMoon

We caught up with Diipa about this fabulous buddy moon aka. her beach vacay with her BFFs in Goa! #bridechilla goals!

TEAM WittyVows – Love the idea! How’d you come up with it?

Diipa – We figured that all our friends travelled across the globe to come to our destination wedding. We didn’t just want to say goodbye to them after 3-4 days. This idea turned into the buddymoon idea. Also, in this day and age it is very easy for a couple to go alone on a holiday together. Oleg and I do it all the time. What is more rare and special is to have 24 of your closest friends with you while you are on your honeymoon together 🙂

TEAM WittyVows – Do you have any Tips for couple’s who’d want to plan this?

I would suggest a resort with the exact number of rooms you are looking for is the best thing you could do. Then you have the whole place to yourself and it turns into amazing house parties every night. Activities can be anything from clubbing together, chilling on the beach together, playing sports and games nights.

TEAM WittyVows – super important, tips for planing your buddy moon wardrobe and packing post the wedding too?

I would say if you are going somewhere beachy (which is most people)  Pack a lot of swimwear. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen! And since you’re going to party it up with your mains, make sure you get some clubbing outfits and some chill clothes in there too!

Pro Top – For anyone who’s travelling directly from the wedding – Make sure you give some outfits to family members to bring so you dont have a lot of luggage on you during customs at airports. Imagine me with that huge box that weighed 25kgs haha!

Since we’re talking with this gorgeous blogger bride, here’s everything that’s got us going GAGA from Diipa Khosla’s destination wedding in Udaipur

The Outfits She Wore!

We would love to steal Diipa’s wardrobe for our Wedding (not kidding!) All the outfits she wore, made a style statement for Sure! What we loved about her choice of outfits is that she didn’t go for the cliche designers but she chose some beautiful outfits from the designers who are usually not the first choice for a Celeb Wedding. There’s so many affordable names in there too!

The Bond She Shares with her Mother (*teary eyes*)

Diipa’s bond with her mother is this way too, Their hugs and kisses are so heartfelt they made us tear up, we’re sure as did you! Girls bookmark these pictures as must haves with your mom at your wedding!

Her oh so sexy! Getting ready pictures

Did we tell you how obsessed we are with her wedding pictures? Diipa’s getting ready pictures are so perfect and beautifully captured, we’re having a major girl crush moment here! She took this shoot a notch higher and setting some serious bridal goals!

All the Candid Couple Pictures

Diipa and Oleg made such a beautiful couple! But what we love the most is how much they adore and respect each other! When Oleg learnt that in India the wife touches the husband’s feet for ashirwaad, he decided to touch hers too! (do we need to say more?). This is goals and more, what have you! We just wish them a lifetime of happiness and love

The Bridesmaids Shoot

Friends make weddings extra fun and extra fun, so you KNOW you need fab photos with everyone! Diipa’s squad has so many photo ideas to steal, the fun quotient here is unreal!

PS – love the one where they’re hiding her from the Baraat view, it’s a moment you need to do!

Wedding Decor and Cute Details

All those fairy lights and cute little-stuffed animals took our heart away! Psst – those hanging kaleere with fairy lights are totally DIYable girls!

Psst! The Wedding hashtag Signage across the pool was all so dreamy!

What was your favourite detail from her wedding? Tell us below 



Photographer – Zohaib Ali | Decor – Altair Decor