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How to Have a GREAT Wedding and Do Some GOOD at Large! Spread the love 💞

Recently, the internet stepped up to applaud the amazing spirit and intent showed by Abhay Deware and Preeti Kumbhare.  The couple that decided to have a simple wedding and donated their wedding money to farmers’ families and provided books to libraries instead. MAJOR Respect!

I’m sure you’re inspired but we get that not everyone can make such an enormous sacrifice. So how do you ensure that you do your bit, even with a pretty wedding?

No, they’re not enormous gestures, they’re not big sacrifices, they’re certainly not as brave as what Abhay and Preeti did. But, they are little things that WILL make a difference. Things that all brides CAN DO without hesitation, things that WILL bring a smile to someone’s face and yours too.😇 So, why not celebrate your day of love and also show some love for the world at large?

Here’s a quick list of simple ways your wedding can give back to the world without any withdrawals⬇︎

Donate leftover décor to a Local Orphanage/Program like Goonj

There are many organisations that will be happy to take small elements from your decor, otherwise useless to you and give them a new lease of life for another less privileged girl’s dream wedding. Smallest of things like the Mata ki Chunnis from the pooja/jaagran can be repacked into bridal ensembles for someone.

wedding ideas to give back easily to society |Mata ki chunni for donations | curated by witty vows
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Goonj is one organisation which is proactively helping here. Their latest initiative is dedicated to helping underprivileged brides by providing them with wedding dresses and kits. These include clothing, footwear, purses, makeup & cosmetics, jewellery, bed sheets and a set of utensils for the bride. You too, could easily play a part in this initiative and help Goonj in their resolve to bring happiness to another brides life with little luxuries that we take for granted.

wedding ideas to give back easily to society |Kits by Goonj| Image Source - The better India | curated by witty vows
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Hard commodities like furniture etc can always be donated as well – That one vintage chair that you used for your sajjangoth table could turn into an entire domino effect of good feelings.

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Girl’s orphanages actually take on the task of marrying the girls into a good house when they come of age, ensuring a stable life ahead – think of what your wedding décor could mean for these organizations, empowering them to give other brides a wedding they deserve!

Hashtag Happiness – Yours and Someone else’s too!

We’re all so hot on the hashtag trend. You’ve decided your wedding hashtag and will request all your guests to use them on your pictures. Add two more use this powerful tool to spread awareness within your guest list and at large and support a cause. #tooyoungtowed and #endchildmarriage are two hashtags that you can support to help battle the evil of child marriage that plagues young Indian girls! This little step will help support organisations like Too Young To Wed in their endeavour to spread awareness and help these young girls. And ladies, this little add-on in your wedding social media will give you so many reasons to #smile!

wedding ideas to give back easily to society | too young to wed | hashtag happiness | curated by witty vows

Bundle Your Wedding Flowers Into Small Bouquets and Deliver them to a Local Nursing Home/Old Age Home

This one is just so SIMPLE ! So, you have chosen some beautiful flowers to adorn your wedding venue. Instead of letting them wilt away after the party is over; simply instruct your wedding planner/decorator not to throw them! Get them bundled into little bouquets and send them across to any local hospital/old age home and experience the gratification that someone’s happiness on seeing this will bring to you! Not only will you know that your floral budget was worth every rupee, you’ll really brighten someone’s day 😀

Dream wedding with a heart witty vows
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Vridh Seva Abhiyan of Sheows is one organization that operates old age homes and would be happy to help. What better way to begin your new life than with some heartfelt blessings!

Contact One of the Local Food Banks to find out how your leftover food can be put to good use 😇

All those yummy, sumptuous & delicious treats you had for your wedding should not go waste! Sadly, that is the case with most weddings. A Study by Food Ministry, Government of India found that about 20% of food at social events such as weddings goes waste. Yikes! Don’t let that happen with yours. There are many food banks that would be happy to help you out!  AWB and Feeding India are two food banks that you can contact to help you set up a way to serve your surplus wedding food.

Dream wedding with a heart witty vows
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Be Conscientious – Source some of your Wedding Décor from NGOs and Other Institutions that promote a Good Cause ☺️

Yes, you will go out of your way to make sure you adorn your venue with pretty details. Just go out of your way a little more and source some (if not all) of these from NGOs. Give them your business and contribute to their growth. Make this a hard limit with your decorator. You would be surprised to know how many NGOs actually deal some really nifty and adorable items that can make for stunning décor – I myself have designed some of my best work with these curios – because they aren’t only pretty but also really different and nothing beats something handcrafted at the end of the day!

Dream wedding with a heart witty vows
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You could also try and pick your décor from artists and craftsmen directly from places like Dilli Haat, Nature Bazaar, Blind School Foundation etc. where you know your money is well spent. Trust me the kind of ideas and artistic pieces you can get here can elevate your wedding décor to a whole new level! You’re even likely to reduce the total money you spend on the décor this way while getting something different along with the satisfaction of contributing to the society at the same time!

 Donate the Smaller Cute touches to Children’s Programs (If age appropriate)

If you had little tubes of bubbles for your exit, there’s a chance not everyone grabbed one, so donate your excess of bubbles to kiddos. Look into your local schools that might have not generous budgets for “extra treats”or Samarpan Home a children’s Foundation. Go the extra mile with your donation and add some candies and bring a smile to those young faces!

Dream wedding with a heart witty vows
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So don’t just plan your wedding, plan a small change. These small changes can and will make a big difference.


Know of any Other ways for Brides to Contribute or a Story Where a Bride Made a Difference? Tell us in the Comments Below.

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