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Prince harry and Meghan markle's royal wedding cost
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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle – What did the Royal Wedding Cost?

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We’ve all been talking about this epic wedding for the last two days, so we thought its only fair to understand what all led to it becoming this way. The wedding planning company bride book calculated how much this royal wedding cost and here’s what they found, they broke it down to every last pound! 

Wondering what the Royal Wedding Cost? Here’s the royal bride’s bridal budget ⬇


Heres how much the royal wedding cost
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is possibly one of the top ten most expensive weddings of all time! Pegged at a whooping 45 million dollars aka 300 crore rupees we hope it was worth every dime ✨🤔

  • Decor – 1.6 Crore Rupees
  • Rings – 75 Lacs for their wedding rings
  • Hair & Makeup for the Bride – Meghan’s Bridal glow cost 1.25 Lac Rupees
  • Marriage Fees – The license and Chapel fees were Rs 22ooo
  • Wedding Entertainment – 70 Lac Rupees
  • Gifts for Guests – 4 Lac Rupees
  • The Groom’s Clothes – 10 Lacs is what Prince Harry Wore
  • The Bride’s Gown – at 3.5 Cr Meghan’s Givenchy Gown is totally the talk of EVERY town
  • Food – 4.6 Crore Rupees worth of food was served at this wedding!
  • Photography – 15 Lac rupees were spent on photography and videography alone, that meant the fanciest photography with drones 🙂 
  • Security – This alone was the biggest cost, at 286 crores this was a huge sum lost!

Oh Vow! And they say Indian Weddings are big and fat, what do you think of that? Tell us in the comments below…


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