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What your favourite Sarabhai character says about your wedding style | sarabhai vs sarabhai | sarabhai season 2

What your Fav. Sarabahi vs Sarabhai Character Says About Your Wedding Style 😜😎

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Whoopie! Everyone’s favourite TV Family ever is set to return back and we’re super excited. In Fact, we’re so pepped for the Sarabhai season 2 comeback that we’ve even cracked it’s wedding inspiration hack! So, if you’re a true blue sarabhai vs Sarabhai fan getting set to tie the knot, your fav. Sarabahi character can help crack your weding style – because, why not? It’s totally worth a shot! 😎

What your favourite Sarabhai character says about your wedding style | sarabhai vs sarabhai | sarabhai season 2

Excited for Sarabhai Season 2 ? Here’s Our Sarabhai vs Sarabhai wedding style guide for you 😉⬇︎

Maya Sarabahi- Vintage Chic – Elegance all the way 😇

Mad over Maya? Then you’ll love all things elegant. Balancing understated AND trending styles never looked better! Her kind of bride will be a true trendsetter. Oozing vintage glam and classy taste, you’ll be the kind of bride who knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t have any time to waste! You’ll have the beginnings of OCD but you wear it well (😎 but of course!)

Vintage chic glam wedding | Indian fairyliht garden wedding | Sarabhai vs Sarabhai | Sarabhai season 2
Decor By – Atisuto Events | Photo – Wedding Salad

Yours will be a chic vintage wonder with a fab international flavour from the lace and delicate imported flowers to the and french macaroons and the chic lace favours 💗

P.S. – For you Maya Fans we’ve got a ready to use Vintage glam DIY FREE wedding theme!

Indravadhan Sarabhai – Badmash Bollywood

The first thing that pops into our heads when we think of Indravadhan Sarabhai is some seriously fun pranks! He’s major entertaining and oh so fun. So, it’s a given that his party style will be loved by everyone! His party is for the Bindaaas Bride who wants to enjoy the night away with her tribe.

Bindaas Bride | bollywood style filmi Udaipur wedding | Sarabhai vs Sarabhai | Sarabhai season 2
Photo by Dream Diaries

If he’s your speed then you’re most likely to care about the bar and plan a crazy entry on TOP of a car! Your wedding will probably have a crazy fun retro rocker flavor, with fun photo booths so you can pose away like the #bossbride you are.

P.S. – Here’s some fab Bridal entry ideas for the Indravadhan style showstopper bride

Sahil Sarabhai – A daytime DELIGHT

A Sahil lover? Then yours will be a daytime do for sure to pair with your sunny smile. Simple, easy going and wise, you’ll probably let your family and friends plan the wedding all the while.

 Sarabhai vs Sarabhai | Sarabhai season 2 | Sahil sarabhai style wedding | daytime picnic rani pink wedding
Decor by – Rani Pink

Your wedding will be all about making others feel happy – because Sahil is that kind of chappy! Your wedding mood will be minimal with no room for Drama, except from your momma 😜

Monisha Sarabhai – Crazy Kitsch

If you can relate to Monisha Sarabhai, then yours HAS to be a DIY Dream. kitschy & colourful (because you feel more colours = paisawasool). A complete Rajasthan Carnival with Chaat Pakori cycle rickshaw rides, full on masala maarke!

 Sarabhai vs Sarabhai | Sarabhai season 2 | Monisha sarabhai style wedding. | kitsch mehndi decor | street food style wedding colourful Indian wedding
Left and right top – Neha Brackstone Photography
Right bottom Decor by – A Cube Project

We know what Maya would say to that ⬇︎😱

It’s definitely everything crazy and fun for this DIY one 😉

P.S. – Monisha Fans Must see our list of Sasta, Sundar and stunning Mehndi hanging ideas 😈 #jackpot

Rosesh Sarabhai – Artistic and eclectic flavor!

Artistic and off beat, a Rosesh style wedding is going to be hard to beat! This wedding will pair different vibes, with poems and quirky quotes to appeal to a niche tribe.

 Sarabhai vs Sarabhai | Sarabhai season 2 | Rosesh sarabhai style wedding | Eclectic and colourful day wedding | artistic Indian wedding | Fun Indian wedding
Decor – Purple Tree Events | Photo by – Shutter Down Photography

Disclaimer: Some of your Whimsical décor ideas are just like you, hard to understand but don’t worry, as always, your Momma will step in set things right. And you’ll have a wedding that’s whacky, fun, innocent and bright! 😍

P.S. – Like Rosesh you love the limelight and so, indulging in a trending social media idea like a funny lip dub or artsy mannequin challenge will feel just right! *Excited*

There! Thanks to your favourite Sarabhai vs Sarabhai character you now know what’s the perfect wedding style for you and also how eager you are to watch Sarabhai Season 2 😜💗


What character was your favourite? Tell us in the comments below ⬇︎

*Featured Image – H/t Quint* ; Gifs Via Giphy



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