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The Bride Reveals – Why Sonam Kapoor Changed Her Name After Marriage.

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Touchy topic is it not? To do or not to change your name after you tie the knot! It’s such a personal dilemma that we got. Well, Sonam seems to have solved hers, within a few minutes of marriage she changed her name and even that decision shot to fame :P. (Much like Sonam’s wedding that’s been the talk of internet town!). However, it’s not that Sonam Kapoor changed her name that’s caught our eye, rather its the one done by her guy! Anand added an S in his name too, that’s the cutest gesture we’ve seen what about you?

sonam kapoor changed her name after her wedding
(c) Anand Ahuja’s social account

Why Sonam Kapoor changed her name to Sonam K Ahuja!

sonam kapoor changed her name after her wedding
(C) Sonam’s social account

Sonam (now Kapoor Ahuja) changed her name on all her social accounts and this decision got a LOT of flak, but the Diva stood her ground and here’s what she had to say as she answered back. “If you can give respect to your father, you can give that same respect to your husband. It’s a cyclical thing which needs to break somewhere. I want to be a part of Anand’s family and he is a part of my family as well. It’s a complicated discussion but this is my choice. Somebody judging me for my choice is not what feminism stands for.”

Heck! Even PM Modi made a statement last year that changing your name is your personal decision!

Sonam on Life after Marriage

sonam kapoor changed her name after her wedding | sonam and Anand Ahuja
(c) Instagram

“It is the same. There is no difference. Your life doesn’t change that much (after marriage). Women need to stop thinking that way. Work is going to stay the same, hopefully. I am already living half here and half there (London). In last two years, nobody noticed that I am always in London. I am there for five months and I am here in Mumbai for the rest. My life had not changed and what was happening for the last few years will continue to be the same.”

For all you girls who’ve got them pre wedding jitters, Sonam’s words should ring happiness so true. Maybe her perspective helps you 🙂

Why do you think of this gesture to change names, tell us in the comments below 😛 



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