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WOW Valentine Playlist – Our pick of the most fab offbeat valentine songs you’ll hum to with BAE!

Its the season to be Jolly lovey-dovey! Its valentine’s Season and that means extra Love for your mains, no matter if they can at time also be a pain :P. What better way to set the mood, than music to make you sway. its the perfect way to say how much you love BAE! but how do you find the perfect song thats also not cliche? Well, we’ve handpicked for you, valentine songs that are the best few. These are our favourite covers and mashups that are slow (ahem! dance with romance) offbeat and oh so sweet aka the perfect valentine playlist – you get the gist 🙂 PS – The best part, they can totally double up as fabulous couple dance songs for your wedding too *woohooo*

Witty’s WOW Valentine’s Playlist – 10 Swoonworthy Valentine’s songs you’ll listen to on loop with BAE, to dance the night away

#1 – The Dil Diyan Gallan Medley – Dil Diyan Gallan + Tenu Samjhawan + Sanu Ek Pal by Samaa


#2 – Enna Sona + Sajna Aa Bhi Jaa – Singhs Unplugged

OMG died and went to Arijit Heaven didn’t you?

#3 – Raabta Mashup – Jonita Gandhi

How can you not fall in love listening to that!

#4 Lae Dooba | Aiyaari

Okay this song deserves a spot just for being original in times of remixes

#5 Gazab Ka Hai Din | Dil Junglee

If valentines day won’t be gazab than what will?

#6 Zee Valentines Mashup 2017

If you have a lot to say, then do it with this mashup of the best tunes mixed together!

#7 The 2018 Valentines Mashup – Dj Danish

If you want newly minted magical tunes then head here for all the swoonworthy tracks you’ll want BAE to hear

#8 Arziyaan | The Wedding Filmer

When have these guys ever done a song that doesn’t give you goosebumps? *pure magic*

#9 Roke Na Ruke + Mast Magan | T Series Mix Tape

Okay this medley is just romance personified, love the way these two romantic numbers are tied.

#10 Old Hindi Mashup | Siddharth Slathia

If you’re a 90’s baby at heart, then this mashup has all your favourites ever, that too, in a little over 7 minutes (in heaven)

Which one is your absolute favourite? Tell us in the comments below ⬇︎



Featured Image Source -Saurabh Rungta Photography via The Perfect Location on Facebook