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7 Days and 7 Ways of a Navratri fast to a Wedding Ready Body for Bridal Weight Loss this Wedding Season!!

Navratri is a blessing in disguise because now you can fast and be wedding season ready! It’s probably the one diet that comes with sooooo many strings attached, and so it’s going to be very hard to cheat on! (paap chadega type feelings 😛, But hello! If you’re going to fast, you might as well do it right to make sure the effect lasts!  No alcohol, no non veg, no desserts and NO processed food – how can that NOT be good? Okay okay while that doesn’t sound very good, it honestly is for your body. Here’s some super simple ways that you can turn the navratri fast into the perfect bridal weight loss plan!no alcohol = no extra calories at all! 😇

No alcohol = No extra calories at all! ❣️

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We all know how difficult it is to stay without alcohol on any diet, because it’s your go-to! But hey, the navratri fast says ‘no’   to alcohol, so it automatically makes it that much easier to knock off those extra calories, and set you off to bridal weight loss! YAYYYY!



Say BYE to FRY 💁

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If you have to eat kuttu make a halwa instead of the pakodis! Sabudana, sweet potatoes are all that goes! No fried=no food baby!

Fill up on Fluids

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Drinks like tender coconut juice, water infused with fruits, will help you get ready for the wedding season and take care of hunger pangs! They are tasty AND healthy, and the perfect way to Bridal weight loss 💗

DARE-y Products – think lassi, dahi and paneer

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What are Navratri fasts without delicious dairy products? Make sure you feast on these and you’ll be photo perfect in no time! 😍

Try and turn it into a challiya 😛

You’re already going to give it up for 9 days, might as well stretch it to the famous forty of a challiya!! (wink-wink) This way you’ll get the good routine to stay and keep the fat away !

Munch on Mewa ❤️

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Snack on dry fruits to make sure that Navratri fast lasts!

Dandiya Dance Moves!

Dandiya navratri Dance for bridal weight loss

No Bridal weight loss is complete without a bit of exercise, and your Navratri fast will remain incomplete without your dashing Dandiya moves! PS – great practice for the Wedding season too! Wohooo! 💃

So go and practice what we preached, so that a wedding ready body can easily be reached!



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