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Fall in love , marry mid air - Real wedding on Witty Vows
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Fall in Love, Get Married…Mid Air!

First you fall in love, then you get married. This couple seemed to have taken falling in love to the Next Level. They fell, but from a Cliff to get suspended mid air and take their wedding vows together on CLOUD 9 ☁️! ‘Love is an Adventure’, well for this couple so was Marriage. Let’s Meet this out of the box couple!

Meet the Groom

Jaydeep Jadhav, 33years old, Trekking Enthusiast from Kolhapur

Meet The Bride

Reshma Patil, 26 years old,  The Girl Next Door

Their Adventure

Getting married while on a temporary 350-ft.-long three-line ropeway!

The couple and their priest (a super sporting Pandit Ji!) hung from the three ropes overhead as they performed the rituals. They took this plunge  on Sunday over the 250-ft.-deep Jakhani Valley, 70km from Kolhapur.

Fall in love , marry mid air - Real wedding on Witty Vows
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How did it feel?

While Jaydeep, an adrenaline junkie of sorts with his trekking experience, this was absolutely new territory for the Reshma. When asked about this one of a kind big day she said – “When I was released over the valley, I was afraid that I might fall. However, the mystical fog all around and the constant drizzle, motivated me to experience the best 15 minutes of my life,”. We bet 😉 !

And it was quite the sight!

The Spectacular View, the natural Haven and the Couple Mid-Air!
Damn thats a view to remember! Definitely a wedding friends and relatives won’t forget. Neither will the curious onlookers. The ceremony lasted 15 minutes.

Jadhav and Reshma were both attired in traditional Maharashtrian Wedding Dress, and Tied onto Tough, Double nylon-fibre Ropes, with supports.

Then they were slowly eased on to the “stage” in the middle of the valley with a direct 600-ft. drop below, just before the 1 pm marriage ‘muhurat’!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWK_Ou-a53E]
We know everyone wants a Different Wedding…How did they decided to go THAT Different !?!

Lets hear it from the horse’s mouth – “Ours was an arranged marriage, the ‘muhurat’ for which was on July 31. This idea came from my friends, and I liked it immediately. Reshma’s family also readily agreed for the event.”  said Jaydeep.

Kudos to Jaydeep and Reshma for this Uber Unconventional and Memorable Wedding…They didn’t just say YES to each other, They said yes to New Adventures   🙂

Fall in love , marry mid air - Real wedding on Witty Vows
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We wish them all the best for their next adventure together!


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First Published On Times Of India