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Courtship Innovative Ideas Things No One Tells Brides

Courtship Ideas for Indian Couples 💗- P Language for flirting with family around 😈

Short arranged marriage date – ✅ Check

Quick Roka the next day – ✅ Check

Overwhelming response from family and friends – ✅ Check

Perpetually surrounded with family – ✅ Check

Wanting to talk to him all the time – ✅ Check

Privacy to do this – ⚠️ Nope! Oops!

How to flirt with the P language for new Indian Couples during the courtship By Witty VOWs

The life of new Indian Couples ain’t easy. Like they say, you don’t just marry the guy, you marry his entire huge ass family 😜. So then, how do you go from Awkward to Awesome with everyone constantly around? It’s easy, have fun together and flirt with your new relationship – literally!

Erm…Hell yes! But How do I do this with everyone around us ALL the TIME?

Get a little innovative – all work and no play makes you a Dull couple! After all, Indians are known for their Jugaad. So get your COVERT flirting game on! 😍😎

What’s Covert Flirting?

Literally channel your inner child and play with secret languages! It’s such a fun way to get to know each other, no matter who is around – it’s going to be your little secret! ‘Coz If you both speak a secret language, no one will understand a word you say (until you tell them how it’s done OR they read this article 😜)

Why should we give this secret language a shot?

Firstling for Indian Couples made easy in joint families and arranged marriages

  • It’s super cute and this way no one will know (or take your case) every time you call him baby 😛
  • Every couple has ‘Thing’; this could be yours. Awwww!

{Psst! You could even make it a part of your wedding celebrations! Over time friends will identify this with you. We’re thinking secret language themed invites/slide shows/ photo booth props the works!! 😉}

  • That little element of maybe getting caught is exciting! It adds so much risqué to your relationship *steamy*
  • It gives you the perfect balance of play and privacy – A MUST for INDIAN couples!

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I’m totally convinced, this sounds super fun. Teach me how…

How to flirt with the P language for new Indian Couples during the courtship By Witty VOWs

Wohooo! Lets begin. The easiest language to try out is the P Language. And, It’s bloody simple!

All you have to do is break words into syllables and insert a ‘p’ consonant sound in the middle. Confused? Let’s make it even easier – just add a P Before every vowel – even that will work! 😊

That’s crazy easy!

In P language this would be:

Th-pa-t’s cr-pazy-pe e-pe-se-pey!

Don’t sweat! It may look hard to read but really, it is easy to speak it. With a little practice, your love smitten brain will learn to adapt to it & you’ll automatically become a champion. Oh! Come on! People do much more in love, this is nothing!

Here’s some motivation:

{Psst! It’s not a class, you need not get it perfect, skip the p if there’s too many vowels together… the idea is to get your message across!}

Here’s some easy hacks you can use:

Secret P Language Examples and use guide for couples to flirt | WITTY VOWS

There, now there’s nothing (and no one) who can stop you from getting your quality time together! Flirt with new ideas, flirt with each other 😜

Y-po-apar w-pel-co-po-me

{You are Welcome!}


Know Another Super Easy languages? Tell us in the comments below ⬇︎

Featured Image by The Talented Rima Darwash