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Diwali party decor ideas by Witty vows | Decor, food and entertainment ideas
Decor Diwali DIY Innovative Ideas Newly Wed

DIY Diwali Party Ideas for your First Cards Scene In Your New House! Add the Sparkle ✨✨

The countdown to Diwali is in full swing. All your mains are excited but you newly rokoed and newly weds are nervous. Why? Because you have this huge responsibility on your shoulders now. No, we ain’t talking about the responsibilities of married life. That’s another story altogether!

We’re talking about how you NEED to play the perfect host for that mandatory You-guys-are-just-married-hence-throw-an-awesome-Diwali-Party duty!

But hey, as usual, we got your back. So, here are few easy yet awesome diwali party ideas with which you can throw a memorable Diwali bash right in your living room ⬇︎


Well, no Diwali party is complete without the quintessential playing cards! Since BAE has his lady luck by his side this year, here are some ways to shine and ‘play’ with cards in your décor ☟

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It’s on your cards tables

Cards for the table centrepieces is a genius and crazy easy idea! Here’s how:

Line up those sequence cards (literally) to make some super creative centrepieces for those tables and some inspiration for them players!

Simply add some cards to your floral centrepieces. Now thats a super simple diwali party decor idea!

Get creative with cards ☝︎

House of cards – just like its namesake, this centrepiece is bound to be a hit!

DIYa Décor

Diwali is synonymous with lights and nothing defines Deepavali better than a Diya. And here’s the ek teer do nishane deal (it is ramchandra ji’s weapon of choice after all!) with Diyas, you can also show patriotism and take the made-in-China-NOT route by boycotting Chinese goods. We said it! No chinese lights can compare to the gleam of an earthen pot!

Here are fun DIY ways to incorporate the humble Deepam in your party décor ⬇︎

Bang(le) On! – Who new you could recycle all those extra bangles from the Mehendi party into some colourful DIY Diyas. Or, you could simply paint The Town Diya Red and chanel your inner hussain.

Psst! Use red and black to fit them into a cards party theme!

Hang In There

DIY Ideas for hanging decor that will spruce up your diwali party ASAP!

If only Diyas could hang? Well they too can! These hanging tin can/box diyas and card ideas are so easy that anyone CAN make them!

Creative Cushions and Covers

Add some card inspired details to the linen like chair covers, bed spreads for the gaddas paired with light up cushions!

Heads Up! Photo Booth!

This Playing Card Themed op is so fabulous! With this super simple idea, you and your friends can literally be the kings and queens of the awesome house party to bring out the child (and selfie freak) in everyone!

A face cut out playing card photo booth prop for you to stick you head out of and be king and queen at this diwali CARDS PARTY AT home
Source – Shae carpet rentals


Well Well, all your hard work at décor would go crashing down if you don’t pair it will lip smacking food. After all it’s Diwali and in India, the way to not just your man’s but, everyone’s heart is through their stomach!

Go Card Crazy

Dicy and delicious! These ideas are a surefire way to amp your party!

Get Pot Luck(y)

Create a special pot luck table for some homemeade goodies by your guests! Dress this lucky buffet up with some amazing poker details!


‘Coz no Diwali party ever started with a salad! Get creative with some crackeling cocktails for the bar!


Stir up some excitement with creative card inspired toothpicks and stirrers or light up the room liquid with these glow in the dark jello shots and hokahs! It’s the festival of lights after all!

creative cocktail bar sign for your Diwali house party bar | decor, bar and food ideas for the Indian house diwali party for newly married couples | curated by Witty Vows
Source : Etsy

Play with names and christian your drinks after flash variations like AK47 and 1942 a LOVE STORY on chalkboard signs! Such a cute idea!


Get some customised playing cards to really celebrate YOUR first diwali together!

Customised couple playing cards deck | idea for your first dewlap cards party together at home | curated by Witty Vows
Source : Untitled Graphics

Psst! We love these cute caricature card decks by untitled graphics! go one step further and make your friends  ‘Jokers’ in the deck!


Get together with your friends and release some pretty sky lanterns. For the ‘yet to be married’ aka rokoed couples we have a great idea – use the opportunity to spark some excitement and get amazing pre weding pictures in the bargain! 

So what are you waiting for! Go get cracking on these ideas and make sure your first diwali party together is one to remember!


Have any more ideas in mind that will make for a kickass party? Or need help with any other detail? Do let us know in the comments below!

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Featured Image Source, Cushions by Monika Tuli, Customised Cards by Untitled Graphics