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‘Holi Hai!’: HOLI inspired PHOTOSHOOT hai! Check it out…

Hear hear all brides to be, You MUST have a look at this holi pre wedding shoot trend! Colourful and creative, this is one pre wedding shoot idea we can totally get behind! For those who aren’t familiar with it – a holi shoot is one that’s been doing the rounds in the Indian wedding circuit lately. Here, couples literally play with heaps of holi colour, as their awesome photographer captures these precious moments for posterity.

Why opt for this?

  • Its super cheap! – Budget bonanza! Holi colours are quite literally the cheapest props you’ll get for the shoot and whatever corners you cut here, you can spend on your wedding décor! (or outfit, we won’t judge you)
  • Its crazy fun – Boy oh boy! Oodles of colour heaped onto plates free for the taking! An adorable face off between you and your S.O. – what’s not to like? *Excited main edda*
  • It will literally bring you closer – This shoot gives you the license to get down, dirty and super cozy with your S.O.! You know what they say – bura na mano holi hai! So, under the guise of this colourful session feel free to indulge in few stolen moments together. Bring on the mischievous albeit colourful flirting that you will both love. The camera couldn’t have asked for more candid moments!
  • Bollywood says it’s cool – How many movies have we seen that tell us colour bring couples closer! Whether it was kaka in aaj na chodenge, or Sunny Deol and his 2 and a half kg hand in Darr (insert kkk kiran here), Deepika and old boyfriend Ranbir in Balam Pichkari or Deepika and new boyfriend Ranveer in Ram Leela (erm lahoo mooh lag gaya *refer to previous point on flirty and frisky). All these superhit Bollywood moments only point towards the fact that this shoot idea is a blockbuster!
  • The result is insanely beautiful – Wisps of colour floating in the air, the air of mischief surrounding you and the smile on your vibrant multicoloured faces – the resultant images are simply amazing!
  • The inspiration is compelling – These real couples rocked their shoots, there is no reason you shouldn’t #relationshipgoals check out their pinterest worthy shoots:

#1 SABA & ZOHAIB’S Engagement Shoot – This lovely lawrenceville couple opted for an epic engagement portrait shoot where they had some crazy holi fun. Love these playful shots!

Saba and Zohaib holi shoot Witty Vows
Image Source

#2 ZARA AND MONAD’S Save the Date – Zara and Monad decided to go for a casual, happy go lucky feel for their save the date. What better than a card full of colours?

Zara and Monad holi shoot Witty Vows
Image Source

#3 PUJA & ADITYO’S Dreamy Destination shoot – Puja and Adityo tied the knot in the city of dreams – Udaipur. With breathtaking views of Lake Pichola and the city of romance, they added their own touch onto this regal backdrop to celebrate their coming together. PS. don’t miss Puja’s super chic boho look, complete with rajasthani silver jewellery!

Puja and Adityo holi shoot Witty Vows
Image Source
Puja and Adityo holi shoot Witty Vows
Image Source

#4 DAN AND KRISTY’S Anniversary Special – Unlike their traditional friends, Indian couple Dan and Kristy based in Australia, decided to mix it up for their anniversary. They celebrated their first year of marriage by throwing puffs of colourful Holi powder at each other and whoa!It looks super fun!

Dan and Kristy holi shoot Witty Vows
Image Source
Dan and Kristy holi shoot Witty Vows
Image Source

#5 JAGDEEP and JASLEEN’s Paint War Shoot – This couple played up colours a little differently. But that’s fine ‘coz everything is fair in love and war – and this was a bit of both! They played with buckets of paint to create their own unique save the date, along with some insane memories captured by their talented photographers.

Jagdeep and Jasleen holi shoot Witty Vows
Image Source

Thats all the inspiration you need ladies. Ring up your S.O. and start planning your unique colour shoot NOW ! You’re Welcome 🙂

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