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Fabulous Freebies

Fab Freebies : Free Honeymoon on fully digitally paid Indian weddings!

It’s been an interesting wedding season this year with demonetisation, India’s move to payment digitization and most recently, the private member’s bill on weddings in the Lok Sabha! When digitization happened, everyone wondered what fate would hold for  weddings now, and boy oh boy, the future for weddings in Digital India looks bloody exciting!


In a bid to promote the dream of digital India, the latest is a decision to offer some major incentives to digitize weddings in India.In order to accelerate re-monitization, the Department of Digital Technology is announcing cash backs of upto 5 lacs for couples to redeem on their honeymoon travels! Hot damn! That sure is quite a happy honeymoon! 😮😍

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Photo By – Jayesh Kathuria Photography


Given that our wedding industry is pegged at a whooping  Rs 100,000 crore, that too, growing annually at 25 – 30% ! Yep, your dream weddings rack up quite the cumulative bill with the estimated cost of a wedding pegged between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 5 crores! As such, being able to digitize this giant sector would be a huge plus point for the new Indian economy.


The incentives will vary in direct proportion to your wedding spend subject to every expense being made digitally. Yep, you got that right, we’re talking a 100% digital wedding that’s done easily enough thanks to options like paytm which have become household names in the last few months! Basically expect a 10% cash back on all your wedding expenses up to a total of 5 lack rupees! That’s enough for an amazing Euro trip mind you 😱😉💖

So, if you’re tying the knot make sure you use digital payments for everything you’ve bought and get yourself an amazing honeymoon on THE house for you and your spouse!


We’re still awaiting full details on the compliance required for this whooper of a wedding offer, where you get such a generous reward from the state coffers! We’ll of course be waiting to feature the first freebie honeymoon on WittyVows for sure!


1st April 2017 – Mwahahahah! 😂😜 Got you! Erm, while we’d be the first people standing in line for a honeymoon freebie (we have a major case of wedding wanderlust!) this was just a small April fool’s dream that hasn’t quite come true yet, if it does (fingers crossed) we’ll be the first to spill the beans! #AGirlCanDream!

Happy April fools day people! After all, we’re all fools in love, would be foolish not to be! 😉💖


Featured Image Source – Our Labour of Love via the Knot