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If There Was a Wedding in Bigg Boss Season 13 – Can You Guess Who Will Be Bride & Groom – Who Will Wed Whom?

If Bigg Boss season 13 ke ghar ke log were a part of a wedding with a lot of bandbaaja and shor, who you think would be the perfect groom and the bride? Go ahead and see our version of the ladkewale and ladkiwale ki sides! :p

The Dulha & Dulhan of Bigg Boss Season 13!

Meet the groom – the good looking Asim who speaks his mind with everyone in the room. Ab lehenga mehenga manga hai toh Mahria has to be the bridezilla with a maslaa on all her wedding preps!

The perfect jodi – one who speaks and the other who listens!

Meet the Saasu Ma – Rashmi Deasi

Rashmi Desai makes for the perfect saas aka dulhe ki maa always ready with emotional atyachaar!

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The Dulhan ki Mummy – Arti Singh

Arti is the shaant dulhan ki maa who moulds herself to the situation, but, beware if anyone hurts her daughter, she’ll wreck havoc and break away from tradition!

The Cutie Bhai Everyone Crushes Over – Siddharth Shukla

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He is the most eligible bachelor and the Maa ka ladla (literally) who doesn’t like to commit to any relationship, The forever bachelor, brother of the bride who wears his single status with pride 🙂

The Compulsory Love Affair – Paras & Shenaz

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Every shaadi has one love affair brewing inside – usually the friend of the groom and the bestie of the bride. Who else can we think of when it comes to flirting inside the bigg boss house!? None other than sanskari playboy –Abra-ka-Dabra Paras Chhabra and Punjab ki Katrina Kaif – Shehnaz Gill who is forever ready to give her dil!

Chachi Di Hogayi Wah-Bhai-Wah – Shefali

The one who keeps saying that she loves Asim like her little baccha – and isn’t afraid to Kaanta laga when required, hot chachi like Shefali Zariwala is that stunning auntie everyone admires!

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Bride’s hot (headed) Bestie – Shefali Bagga

Shefali Bagga – that hot feminist girl with whom no one takes pangas, scaring the boys with her temper and dangas!

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That Drunk Dancing Uncle – Bhau

If anyone will do the naagin dance in front of the horse in this wedding it’ll be Bhau, all the while chugging whiskey and Vada Pau!

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The Desperate To Get Attention Mehmaan – Arhaan

That distant relative who no one cares about, Arhaan is that sidey guest without a doubt *can’t see*

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The Wedding Planner – Salman Khan

Sallu Bhai would be the bechaara wedding planner who’s handling everyone in the mad (shaadi ka) house! The one who doesn’t believe in marriage for himself 😛

But who are we all? Began Shaadi Main Abdullah’s enjoying every single bit, But if you’re actually a bride to be, then you must follow our wittyvows blog to make sure just like bigg boss, your wedding too is a hit!

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