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Ready Steady Freeze! 🙆🏻 Check out Mannequin challenge – 🎉🎉The New Indian wedding trend that’s going Viral!

Looking for something new to add to your wedding celebrations? If yes, then stop everything you’re doing! That’s it, just stop – ‘coz that’s literally the new must do wedding activity!

The Internet has given us a viral fever – The Mannequin Challenge – The new Indian wedding Trend – and its soo much fun! Straight from the twitterati, this challenge has made its way to our list of Sangeet Ideas and we are loving it!

Try the Mannequin Challenge for Indian Weddings | Trend Alert | Guide | Witty Vows
Image – Wedding Documentary Photo+Cinema

What on earth is the mannequin Challenge?

It’s the new in thing that every celebrity is getting in on. From Michelle Obama to Ellen De Generous, From John Abraham to Jacqueline Fernandes they’re all nailing the challenge. You’re no less than celeb on your wedding day, so why not?

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Remember how we used to play London Statue as kids? This is exactly the same! Well, almost. Imagine a more grown up viral version with people freezing for the camera for a whole song!

Why Do this?

‘Coz its innovative, so fun and trending like how!

Trend Factor95%
Fun FactorOff the charts

What do you need to do?

  1. Find a great photography crew
  2. Hope for Super sporting friends and family
  3. Freeze a kickass song
  4. Go silly on social media

Mannequin Challenge for Indian Weddings | Trend Alert | Guide | Witty Vows

All you need to do is take up the challenge, pick a song, freeze on cue and get your videographer to capture you & your wedding party staying still while looking stunning!

Oh! And don’t forget to share the video with your wedding hashtag and #mannequinchallenge

How many people do you need?

As many as you can get! A mannequin challenge is most impactful when done in numbers. If it’s just a wedding guest or two, all that will do is make people think you’ve had a tad much to drink! So get your mains together! In fact, don’t just stick to your BFFs, get as many guests as you can – the whole jingbang!

How Many Mannequins?More the merrier!

Great Ideas to do this ⬇︎

#1 On the Stage

If it’s just a handful of you, plan it as a surprise in the middle of the sangeet for everyone else. Freeze midway in the dance and slay the challenge like a boss 👊🏼 (It’ll be soo fun to watch uncles do the waare there while you’re frozen😂)

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#2 Savour the moment you tie the Knot

Freeze the moment when you get married, thats literally a moment you want to hold on to! Examples are everything – This South Indian wedding filmed by Eesam nailed the trend! The couple froze their moment of love for posterity quite literally. And everyone played along from their friends to the PanditJI learning new trends! P.S. We love the tamil wedding song from Two States in the background, perfect for the pious moment *goosebumps*

#3 Freeze on the Floor

Or make a game everyone plays for the cocktail, pick a song and freeze each time that comes on! Sorta like your own warped version of Dj wale babu – where you have to freeze the minue the Dj babu plays the freeze tune please! Examples are Everything – This idea is fun when its done by everyone! If you think that’s hard to coordinate, check out this wedding where 200 guests nailed the challenge together! Whoa!! This “epic” wedding shoot made waves online a few days back 😍

#4 Enter in style

If you’re filmy enough, ask your guests to freeze during your bridal entry, when you cascade towards BAE for the Jaimala and time stands still! Full on bollywood style! Go one up, and play looking at you by calvin harris while you do this! *Swoon* 💖

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#5 Make time stand still for posterity

Use this concept to create an amazing wedding teaser! Discuss the idea with your photographer, let him plan a full wedding day shoot and get your friends in to create an amazing wedding trailer with the mannequin challenge! Examples are everything – Check out this brilliant wedding video by Susan Delawar that takes from the mannequin challenge ⬇︎

So how will you give this trend your own spin? We Challenge you to tell us in the comments below! 😜⬇︎


Featured Image – Jayesh Kathuria