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INSANE New Wedding BUDGET Hack Idea! Will You Dare to Try It?

Getting married? You know what that means – lots of masti, lots of music, stunning outfits, crazy food, killer partying and insane kharcha!  😯

Erm…Yeah! That WILL happen. Commence frantic search for savings, budget hacks, cheat codes to save a bit. (Only so that you can splurge off on the honeymoon *party mode on*).

But don’t worry you’re in the Right Place…

So, in the spirit of Budget Hacks here’s a crazy fun (and maybe just Simply Crazy) way to save some Dough 💰

Invite People for your wedding and Wait for it…..give them a Ticket to the Big Fat Indian Experience for a Nominal Price.  😛

LOL! I shit you not, this is a Real Thing!

Who is going to do this, Guests never Pay to Attend?

These invitees are actually foreign tourists looking for the perfect way to experience Indian Culture. What better than band, baaja & baraat to orient them to Desi Drama and Traditional Treats!

You know how some friend of your’s had a foreign friend in town who wanted to see the wedding and asked to come along? That guy right there – he’s your Budget Save!

Indian wedding budget ideas - Witty Vows
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Hey! we’re not making this up. Wedding tourism (yes this is a real thing) has taken flight and spread its wings across the globe and not only in India (though lets face it – few weddings compare to our Indian offering)

Where can you get Dibs on this?

Join my wedding is the startup that launched this concept connecting the dots and offering curious foreign tourists a chance to attend an Indian wedding for a fee.

The founders of this ingenious startup are actually foreigners who had indulged in the one of its kind Indian wedding experience. They felt nothing compares.

“Right from the traditions to the beautiful saaris and accessories, generous hospitality, spicy flavours and decoration. It was an experience of a lifetime. I remember thinking even then that it would be great to open up such weddings to foreigners. For cultural experiences, nothing equals a wedding, more so in India,” says Orsi Parkanyi (co-founder). “There’s food, music, dance, costume, rituals — it offers you a truly immersive experience.”

Indian wedding budget ideas - Witty Vows
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 Is it a Good Idea or Bad?

Hell, only time will tell, but its sure as hell innovative and amusing! Honestly, think about it 🙄 I know I’d love to attend a wedding and learn about another culture myself so Why Not?

Even if it doesn’t do much for your pocket it’s still fun to host someone whose so touched by new traditions. Think of the foreign exchange student you had in school and just place him/her at your Wedding!

Indian wedding budget ideas - Witty Vows
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Are people actually doing this Budget Hack?

Of the weddings registered globally seven brave Indians have stepped to sign up their shaadi for this service 💡

Urvi Ambavat and Paras Shah – one of these Stupendous Seven are selling 40 tickets to their December wedding for upwards of 20k.

Yep! it’s a legit transaction. Each guest will get accommodation and all access across three days of festivities – including the haldi ceremony, sangeet, baarat , pheras, reception and vidaai.

Indian wedding budget ideas - Witty Vows
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How do These Couples Feel about this Out of the Box Idea?

Ambavat, a 26-year-old professional says – “I love to travel, and I would love to attend a wedding in another country. Plus an Indian wedding really showcases the grandeur and hospitality of our culture. We thought it would be lovely to share that with interested travellers.”
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMaazdp2sn4]

It’s definitely interesting…Begaani Shaadi main Abdullah Payment Karega!

So have the band baaja bar (last one seeming most important nowadays 😛 ) and the works. Just have a few more guests to experience this amazing country through the sights, sounds, smells, rituals and chaotic debaucherous madness of your Indian wedding and they’ll help you handle the bill just a tad!

Indian wedding budget ideas - Witty Vows
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Now that’s an Innovative Idea for an Indian Wedding!

Dare to try it or have a better idea? Tell us in the comments below. We love talking to our readers so just leave a comment to get the conversation started.


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H/t  and Image and video source Hindustan Times