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Shaadi Shosha

Is ‘Good Design’ so Rare that we Don’t even Bother Looking for it Anymore ?

I had a rare opportunity to stand in another's shoes today...since my sister's wedding date has been fixed I seem to be going mad with ideas and creative Eurekas! But since everything I design is so bespoke that I am literally required to do all finishing touches myself (okay let me be honest I would accept no less than those finishing touches :P) and seeing as I have to attend the wedding and be with the bride all day.. I can either decorate the venue or the bride & myself! So here I am on the other side of the table...not the designer, but the client for a change...looking for someone to deliver a well designed event that would make my sister's day special - not exactly too much to ask..right?

I had a rare opportunity to stand in another’s shoes today…since my sister’s wedding date has been fixed I seem to be going mad with Ideas and creative Eurekas!

This was the first time ever that I realised my power position as an Industry Insider – with an ability to understand both sides of the story. As the client and not the designer, I roamed the city looking for someone to deliver a well designed event that would make my sister’s day special. Not exactly too much to ask..Right !?!

I’ve now met with all impaneled, hotel approved and encouraged vendors/decorators who have years of wedding design under their belt. A hard week of introspection which has left me with two burning questions:

Is a wedding setup only few standard elements and no imagination? 

Where is all the detailing? Where is the creativity? When did everyone in this industry get so jaded that they lost their zeal to make the day special? I’ve now officially been to 6 setups with what I can safely term shabby and repetitive work at a very steep price tag. My sister’s wedding could just as well have been anyone else’s, a copy paste cookie cutter approach! Where is the personal touch on such a personal day?

Forget the lack of imagination in the setting..the attitude itself is so aggravating!

Oh! So it’s a wedding…the standard layout for this hotel is a vedi here, a bar here, a stage here a vase on the table! What more can you do? Aaaargh! Those are statements that really tick me off !!

What can’t you do ! Every space is full of limitless possibilities! Where is the design, where is the passion? Do clients not deserve something special?

Its your wedding day decor…should you not have more than just an okay setup?

The clients I met for these wedding designers (referrals if you may) weren’t passionate about what they delivered…but don’t worry.. they were okay with it!

You deserve more than to be okay with your wedding day!! You should be in love, mesmerised, delighted and pleasantly surprised with the result! Each detail should be a wow! It seems this feeling of delight in wedding design was so foreign that no one even bothered with it anymore!!

So I ask, is good design so rare that people don’t even bother looking /asking for it anymore??

Let me know in the comments below!

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