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7 Ways to Impress your new Family on your First Diwali after the Wedding :P

Celebrating your first Diwali as a new bahu in sasural, but, still struggling to make an impression on the new Parivar? Then this Diwali may be a golden chance to earn some brownie points from your Saasu maa and become the new Favorite of not just your spouse but the whole house ūüėõ

7 Things you must do this Diwali with Your New Family

Diwali Shopping

Diwali Shopping | First diwali after wedding | Newlywed | Love | How to win your in-laws | Things to do on your first diwali
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We just love Diwali Shopping, but it can be really hectic! If your saasu maa is the one who shops for the entire house, then accompany her and help her out. She’ll definitely appreciate this and you’ll earn some browine points.


Rangoli on Diwali | How to impress your in-laws | Tulsi Kumar | New Bride | Indian Festivals | Celebrity Diwali Pictures | Tips and Tricks
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If you used to make rangolis in your maayeka then this one will be super easy for you. Make some pretty rangolis, decorate them with diyas and believe us nobody can ignore those pretty creations.

PRO TIP: Take some help from Bae and spend some quality time on that otherwise busy day.

Annapurna of the House

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You may not be a pro at cooking but, you can surely help in kitchen. Be there with other ladies of the house, tasting meethais and other festive dishes. Your MIL will definitely appreciate your presence in the kitchen and won’t forget to mention it on the dinner table.

Tip: Get a recipe from Internet and start practicing that, you’ll definitely nail the dish on Diwali.

Mandir Decor

If you just can’t handle kitchen then be the one who decorates the Mandir. Pick one if the easy marigold decor ideas here and your new family will really love that!

Putting Diyas in the house

Diwali Puja in the house | Newlyweds | new Bride | First Diwali after wedding | Diyas | Diya Images
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It’s a tradition, after Diwali puja we put diyas in every corner of the house and in every room, so there be no darkness and only light and love. Do this in your new house, brighten up your new house and trust us, this small gesture will go a long way to brighten your relationships!

Hosting the Diwali Party

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If your in-laws are going to host a Diwali Party for the newlyweds, then make sure you give your saasu maa a little rest and put your helping hand to the test. Your MIL won’t be able to stop gushing about you in her kitty, Trust us!

Diwali Gifts

Diwali Gifts for your New Family | Things to do on your first Diwali | Gifts for In-laws | Saas Bahu | New Bride | Indian Wedding Blog
(C) Priya Khurana Goyal

This is a sure way to win some hearts! Get something for the new family and be considerate of their likes and dislikes. Your new family will welcome this gesture and will surely make you the favorite bahu.

So how are you going to impress your new fam this Diwali? Tell us in the comments below ⬇Ôłé



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