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Get Featured on Witty Vows :)

Anyone can submit a wedding – brides, grooms, excited relatives, friends and more! (best of all, it’s FREE for couples to be featured on ‘Brides of WittyVows’ – our dedicated page for fabulous real brides)

So, if you think your story MUST be told –  you can send us your wedding by clicking this link or just simply drop us an email on brides@wittyvows.com. Our team will write back requesting more details and we’ll then craft your feature for ‘Brides of Wittyvows’. What’s more you may stand a chance to be reposted on WittyVows as well 🙂

If you are a behind the scenes super hero a.k.a wedding professional, same goes for you – just write to us or directly head here to begin the submission.

What all do you need to give us:

All we need is a few details to coin your story and some amazing photos to go with:

A picture is worth a thousand words LIKES – So look through those albums and pull out all the pictures you think tell your story best.

What we are looking for is great photos showing amazing detail! Photos showing the bride’s full length outfit, getting ready, the decor, floral arrangements or unique props, shots of details in the wedding like a photo booth or a unique personalized element, invites, jewellery, those crazy fun moments/poses etc. – all the things that stitch your story together and tell it in a way that it’s loved and remembered for posterity!

So, what are you waiting for! Send us your story now 🙂

get featured on witty vows

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