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New Sangeet Songs for Parents of the Bride & Groom 🎵 The Ultimate Wedding Playlist for the Fun Fam Bam!

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If you’re getting married you’re probably scouring the internet, looking for the Latest Indian wedding songs for parents of the Bride and Groom to dance on! After all, your wedding is the one time you encourage your parents really to shake a leg and in some super enthu cases, perhaps even break a leg! Well, look no more, we’ve compiled a crazy fun jam for the your fambam! Be it Songs for the Bride’s father, Songs for the Bride’s Mother or Cute couple songs for parents of the groom and bride – We’ve got you a crazy cheat code for the cutest Sangeet songs for parents.👨‍👨‍👦

Our picks of Super Fun, Latest Indian Wedding Songs for Parents of the Bride and Groom to Dance on**

**This Indian wedding songs playlist is perfect for the enthu, less senti more mental, fun type Shaadi Ka Ghar. With the best of 2016 and some all time favourites thrown in too, it’s the perfect list of Sangeet songs for parents to rock the sangeet this season!😍

Sangeet Songs for the Bride’s Mother

Here’s our official list of non cliche Sangeet Songs for the Bride’s Mother. These tracks are cute, fresh and totally on point! 🙌🏼

Sasural Genda Phool Remix Version | Delhi 6

This is a crowd favourite and the perfect song to balance out your mom’s emotions with her cuteness!

Ma Ka phone Aaya 📞 | Khoobsoorat

If this isn’t an apt pick for songs for the bride’s mother, we don’t know what is! Let your mom act cute & dance to the story of your life!

New Sangeet Songs for the Groom’s Mother:

Maa Daa Laadla | Dostana

Ahem! Fun M.I.Ls to be can totally own this song! 😇

Adorable Sangeet Songs for the Bride & Groom’s Mother to dance on together!

Aunty Ji | Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

Lol! This is for the sporting moms. It’ll look damn adorable for your moms to really shake a leg on this fun party song at the sangeet!

Sajna Ji Waari Waari | Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd

Old school love – remixed 😍 This one is great for either of the moms to groove on!

New Sangeet Songs for the Bride’s Father

Check out these Songs for the Bride’s father especially for the Hip Dads to groove on!

Papa toh Band Bajaaye | Houseful 2

Haha! Love the idea of Papa toh Band bajaye! It’s topping our list of New Songs for the Bride’s father! 😁

Cutie Pie |  Aye Dil Hai Mushil

It would be super duper cute for the Bride’s father to dance to portions of this for the big day! *My daddy Cutest*

Tuaba Main Vyaah Karke Pachtaya

He may be your father, but he’s a husband too! #RealityCheck 😇

Fun Sangeet Songs for the Groom’s Father

Ishq Na Kariyo Kakke

Shaadi ka laddoo theory – Ditto for the Groom’s Dad. This is the most serious advice your dad will give you boys! 😂

Bachna Ae Hasseeno |  Bachna Ae Hasseno

So that’s where the dapper Groom gets the swag from! Cue in another not so famous Salman Song – “Main toh mere Papa ki Carbon Copy!” (Seriously, we’re not jk that IS a song) 😎

Iski Uski | 2 States

The first half of this song is perfect for the Groom’s dad – Punjab Da Puttar – Mastkalandar! 😎

Cute couple songs for parents of the groom and bride i.e. Their FAB Mom & Dad

You thought you were the only awesome couple in the house? Your parents are going to give you guys some serious competition with these dance nos! Usually mom dads are given old hindi songs, but we say shake it up with the freshest songs for your parents!

New Sangeet Songs for Parents of the Bride

Rola Pe Gaya | Patiala House

The transitions from traditional to modern are perfect to show the funky side of your adorable parents!

Chitta Kakkad | Love Shudda

Love the title and the vibe of this song! Perfect for Sangeet shenanigans.

Desi Girl | Dostana

Love this pick for the parents of the bride – you are after all, their Desi Girl!

Sangeet Songs for Parents of the Groom

Tera Hero Iddhar Hai | Tu Mera Hero

This one is for the arranged marriage kids and their excited Indian parents!

Ainvayi Ainvayi | Band Baaja Baarat

Because nothing can be more fun than your parents saying tu ainvayi Lut gaya! LOL! *Never Lie to your kid*

Latest Indian wedding songs for parents of the Bride & Groom

For parents so adorable you MUST have a slew of Cute couple songs for parents of the groom and bride to rock on! These are neutral numbers either of the parents can dance to, while of course looking Oh! So Adorable!

Second Hand Jawaani | Cocktail

Haha! So Cute! Love the idea of the Parents of the couple grooving to this one!

Daddy Mummy Nahi Ghar Pe | Bhaag Jhonny

So adorable to actually make daddy mummy dance on this! LOL!

Tune Maari Entriyaan | Gunday

Aww! #TrueStory

Break Up Song | Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Super Duper Cute for them to Dance to this gen. next track just for the fun of it! After all, the parents must have the hit song of the season too! 🙌🏼

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Senti Wali Mental | Shaandaar

‘Cause you can never go wrong with a Jugalbandi!

There! You no longer have to search anymore! Just get your parents their dancing shoes and start practising! It’s SHOW time!


Have any more songs you’d like us to add? Tell us in the comments below

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