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What’s our story?

Hi I am Shravana.

A 25 year old Indian girl.

Hmm 25!…that meant all my friends were either getting married or having babies and I’ll admit that gave me a major case of FOMO!

So I FOUNDed the love of my life (weddings) and had an adorable little baby of my own – Witty Vows!

Full disclosure: I am a wedding and experience designer with a unique insider’s outlook, and as a delhi girl from a huge joint family ( a.k.a. never ending weddings) it’s safe to say I know weddings inside out!

About Us at Witty Vows - designer by day superhero by night
About Us at Witty Vows – designer by day superhero by night

Psst! I have super powers!

Humour and wit are my two super powers which I use to save the wedding world! It’s what I’ve always been known for – to be able to create light hearted within the heartwarming – now that’s a friendly neighbourhood superhero 😀

I am everyone’s expert on the subject – the critic, the connoisseur, the counsel, the crafts(wo)man, the look curator, the crisis hotline and the comforting wedding agony aunt.

At Witty Vows, I am happy to be yours as well!



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