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What is WittyVows?

Simply put – Your BFF for weddings. Things no one tells brides, the ultimate marriage guide for the modern Indian Bride💖. WittyVows is every Indian Bride’s Fav. Marriage Mag to read. Dishing out help for every marriage advice you need right to your inbox and your social feed 💌.

Giving you a much needed #RealityCheck for #RealWeddings from #RealCouples and fab wedding experts. We’ve got your back with Trends & DIY Ideas coupled with killer courtship, wedding & newly wed hacks.

P.S. – Got Wedding Stresses/Questions?(You’re swimming in new waters, of course you do!). Simply Ask. Me and my Fab friends will get right to the task!🙋🏻

About Me

WittyVows Founder Shravana Sachdeva

 Hi I am Shravana (Wedding Wanderer | DIY Queen) 🙋🏻

A 26 year old Indian girl. Hmm 26!…that meant all my friends were either getting married or having babies and I’ll admit that gave me a major case of FOMO! So, I FOUNDed the love of my life (weddings) and had an adorable little baby of my own – WittyVows!

Full disclosure: I’m a wedding designer and a Delhi girl from a huge joint family and a honorary member of the bride squad (a.k.a. never-ending weddings) It’s safe to say I know weddings inside out. ‘Coz ladies, there’s so much more to a marriage than just the wedding. No planner in the world can advise you on the crisis management inside a bridal suite, girl’s washroom, or the couple’s bedroom for that matter – Me and my friends can. And guess what, we’re spilling the secrets here on WittyVows *Jackpot*



My Fab Friends

My fav. friends include wedding experts, wedding lovers, serial wedding guests and some seriously fabulous Superstar Guest Contributors (✨ Literally! We’re talking illustrators, fashionistas, designers, bloggers, influencers  – WOW Women you’ll 💖) Together we collaborate and we vow to help you master marriage & help YOU trend with inside scoop that’s simply the best!

*Turning wedding woes to wows since 2016, one post at a time*

For any further questions, run though the FAQs section below. If you don’t find what you need, ask me 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you plan weddings?

No I do not (except for some super close friends who I just can not say no to, you know who you are girls). But, I dish out expert tips & tricks that make sure YOU can plan your wedding. Our expert insider info helps you DIY your designer dream wedding without breaking your heart or bank. If there’s any specific help you need, you can simply reach out and ask for advice, ain’t that nice!

Do you have a Vendor List?

Nope! We don’t list vendors. WittyVows is there to handpick the best ideas and gets practical professional advice for you. Yes, planning is super stressful. What you need isn’t a list of vendors (that’s something you can google) What you can’t google, is genuine advice from wedding experts, no strings attached – the dos and dont’s AFTER you’ve hired your vendors; how to get them to deliver your dream – you’ll find advice on ALL this in our articles.

But we love your style selection! Can you help us find vendors still?

If you love our style, then odds are you’ll love the professionals who we’ve featured too. Whatever image you like on WittyVows will have the vendor’s name mentioned in the credits. In case we’ve credited the photographer and you’d like to know other vendors from the photo (like MUA/ designer/ planner) – hit us up and I’ll  be happy to trace them for you.

Okay so I’m totally stressed and I don’t know what to do. I have a million questions, What all can I ask you?

First things first, girl you’ve got to breathe! Remember you’re too blessed to be stressed. Find your inner bridechilla (There’s some fab articles here on that too 😇). As for your queries, you can ask us anything.

How to match your outfit to Bae? What colour works best with your skin tone?

What songs to dance on? How long should the dance be so that people don’t get bored?

Where to find a budget hack for a designer outfit? How to choose the perfect outfit for YOUR body type?

Where to get those adorable pompom bird hangings that you saw in your friend’s wedding?

What all should your hotel provide? What all should their contract include?

Where to find something fun and frisky for the first night? Or even how to use what your friends got you for the bachelorette? 😈

As I said, ANYTHING. No judgements. No Sales Pitch. Just Advice from your girl.

Drop a comment on any of the articles if you want more info or advice on related things or simply email your woes and worries, and I’ll be happy to help a fellow wedding lover out 🙂

I’m single, is it weird that I am totally into you?

Oh Honey! Of course it’s not! That just means you have great taste 😉. WittyVows isn’t just for brides, It’s for every wedding lover out there. Infact, there’s tons of wedding guest and BFF hacks that we dish out every week (to help nail it @ your bestie’s wedding) Plus, you never know when cupid strikes, all those pre wedding hacks are pure gold for you, so it’s good to be hooked before you’re booked 😇 #HeadStart

I’m now Married, but I LOVE your stuff…I want to continue reading, but, how do I use WittyVows now that I’m married?

Awww…we love you too! And congrats on your wedding, I bet it was magic and much more.

So firstly, be a part of our badass inspiring brides and submit your wedding for a real wedding feature stat! This way you’ll be an inseparable part of WittyVows and your story will inspire sooo many brides to be. YAY! As for what all you can take back as a newly wed? Girl! WittyVows is your main mag for marriage – both before AND after that dream of a wedding 😍. We were there by your side for your courtship jitters and will also stand by you as you experience every single first after the wedding. Be it what to gift your new hubby *blush* for his birthday or how to ace your phera dinners or even steamy stuff between the sheets 😈, we’ll always have ideas for you that are oh so neat!


Shravana and her fellow wedding lovers


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