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How to Do Stress Free Indian Wedding Planning During Covid Times for 2020 Brides

It gives us butterflies to imagine our big day with bae, but, those butterflies turn into brain eating zombies when the actual wedding planning begins, giving us so much stress and headache! As much as we love planning the wedding of our dreams, sometimes it’s just too much, especially for the 2020 brides planning their Indian wedding in times of Covid. So, here are some awesome ways to help you deal with all the wedding stress to feel calm and relaxed for the big day.

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10 Ways To Have Stress Free Indian Wedding Planning For 2020 Brides

We feel you 2020 brides, it’s not easy to plan a wedding amidst a pandemic, where every thing is so unpredictable. So, take a step back and relax, here are some ways that’ll help you to keep the stress away while planning your dream wedding with BAE!

Make A Plan & Share It With Your Family.

Brides, you need a solid plan and timeline to save you last minute hassle. Have everything pre planned and keep your family looped in, so they can keep tab on things you may not get time for. From boutique appointments to buying gifts for – keep a date for everything but, be a little flexible with time.

Meditation & Yoga

All the shopping stress, mixed with the anxiety of moving to new home and leaving your parents behind, can take a toll on your mental health. If you’re the bridezilla type, then meditation with some yoga can help you a lot with your stress.

Giving Up Caffeine

We all know how harmful caffeine is! Not only will it make your skin dull & dry it can also trigger anxiety. So, avoid that cup of morning coffee or evening masala chai and substitute it with drinks like herbal tea.

Ask For Help

Getting married can be overwhelming. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions a bride goes through. So instead of burdening yourself with all the chores ASK for help.

At Home Spa Sessions

You deserve this! Working from home and all the shaadi ka kaam will definitely leave you feeling exhausted! Book an at home spa session and have that massage you wanted for soo long!

For some DIY skin and hair care ideas! Head here!

Take Beauty Naps

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The easiest way to escape from the reality is to take a nap. Along with your 8 hours beauty sleep you can take a 20-30 minute nap in afternoon which will help you with your mood & fatigue to make you feel refreshed.

Diet Change

We are what we eat! A little change in your diet can actually help you with anxiety and stress. Eat fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and avoid fried and sugary stuff. Best way to deal with stress AND those love handles.

Read a book before bed

Read something you like before going to bed. Put your phone on silent and let yourself indulge in a good read. Use a book instead of kindle, this will help you to relax your mind before sleep and save you from the nightmares wedding planning can give.

Digital detox

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Our generation depends on technology for almost everything. It’s easy to get distracted and stressed while being online. Plan a day where you stay away from all social media, WhatsApp included! Tell everyone not to disturb and give this day to relax your eyes, and have some JOMO!

Family Time

When you set a date, you know you’re with your family for a limited time. Don’t let this time go by being busy everyday, take some days off and spend quality time with family, just enjoying a meal together or gossip sessions. Cherish your time with your parents.

2020 brides, how do you relax in between your Indian wedding planning? Tell us in comments below!



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