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How To Make Your First Karwa Chauth Celebration at Home Special For BAE As Newly Weds During Covid!

Karwa chauth is the day when every girl feels like a new bride. From shopping for new outfits to getting our mehendi done, from doing puja with friends and family to waiting for the moon at night with everyone, this festival is so much fun. However, due to covid, we won’t be able to celebrate the festivals the way we used to. Since, social distancing is a must to stay safe in this time, families and friends won’t be together this year. But, here are ways you can still make this covid karvachauth celebration at home special for your wife dear.

Ideas To Make Your Wife’s First Karwa Chauth Celebrations At Home Special Despite Covid!

Surprise your Partner with Gifts

Gifts make everyone happy! As she will be fasting the whole day for you, that too without water. Doesn’t she deserve something special for that? So, why not buy her a piece of jewelry she has been eyeing for a long time? Or maybe a minimoon where you can spend some quality time with her alone. Trust us! Your partner will definitely appreciate a thoughtful gift.

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Create Distractions to Help her with the Fast

It’s not easy to stay away from food or water, for a whole day! Help her get through the fast by creating distractions so she won’t be able to think about food. Take the day off work and spend some quality time with her. Play some board games or cards with her, you two can even binge watch your favorite series or some romantic movies.

Pamper Her

The easiest thing you can do! Simply, pamper her! Help her in getting ready, give some compliments, just make sure she feels special. Maybe you can even fast for her? Supporting her like this during her fast is something  she’ll never forget and will definitely earn you some brownie points for being the best husband. Make sure she is comfortable at all times. 

Cook Dinner

After she breaks her fast, surprise her with the dinner you cooked for her. Make sure you cook her fav dishes and not yours 😛 We are sure she would love to relish some delicious food after staying hungry the whole day! If your wife has a sweet tooth, you can bake her fav cake or cookies too!

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Plan a Romantic Dinner Date

Plan a romantic dinner date under the stars and moon for her.  If you don’t want to step out of the house, plan a romantic date night on the balcony or terrace with lots of fairy lights, candles, romantic music and wine! If you aren’t good at cooking, you can always order in for restaurant experience at home.  Create a magical night for her which she will remember!

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Virtual Celebrations

If this is your first karvachauth after the wedding, we know how much your wife will miss her family and friends during the celebrations. Plan a virtual celebration with her family and besties which can bring happiness and joy to your wife. After all, having the girls by her side will make this day easier for her right?

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Intimate Celebrations

If you two won’t be able to spend time together in the day, make sure you make the night special for bae. Decorate your room with candles and flowers, watch a romantic movie or just talk over her fav. dessert, make her feel special on this beautiful day, she’ll definitely appreciate the effort.

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There, now you have all the ideas you need to make this KC super special for BAE! Tell us your favourite idea in the comments below


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