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#NoOopsMoment – 9 mistakes To Avoid while doing Bridal Lehenga Shopping!

Every girl thinks about her wedding lehenga whenever she sees a bride (even a KJO movie does the same actually 😜) Bridal Lehenga shopping is something all of us are super excited about (other than the courtship ofcourse 😉) but its also quite a test. ‘Coz shopping for your wedding lehenga is the ultimate quest! Yes, you get to have a fleet of sales assistants pampering you like a celebrity, but, you also need to look at every integrity. There are a few mistakes you REALLY need to avoid to be a DIVA on your wedding day ⬇︎

Stylists’ Reveal 9 mistakes to avoid while going Bridal Lehenga Shopping

Too many people? #BIGNo please!

Bridesmaid helping the bride | Bridal lehenga shopping
(C) Photo by Heather Liddell

You’re an Indian bride, so ofcourse, almost everyone around wants to accompany you! So, the more the merrier right? Sadly, NO! You don’t want to listen to too many people. #Yikkesss So, time to be uptight and take ONLY those who will help you choose right (Your mom, his mom, sisters or the best friend – THAT’S ALL)

Lehenga followed by jewellery? Uhhh NO!

Polki kundan set | Bridal lehenga shopping
(C) Kundansets.com

Many brides purchase their bridal jewellery after purchasing the lehenga #TotalFail. Remember you can always make amendments to your lehenga work according to the jewels but is it possible to do the other way round? *Budget woes*


Save the date | Bridal lehenga shopping
(C) Melisha Blair Photography

 If you want to be on trend, you NEED to be on time, the early bird doesn’t get much in the world of fashion.(#NoRushingPlz) If you want your lehenga to be on fleek, freeze your lehenga 3 months before the wedding week.

Wedding Theme Alert!

coordinated outfit to the decor | bridal lehengas with flowers on it Sabyasachi
(c) Ashwin Kireet via Band Baaja Bride

So you have decided to do a Jodha Akbar sort of theme – you know, all royal and vintage. And then you choose a lehenga that is funky and modern age? *Facepalm*. We know you want to stand out but not like a sore thumb 😜! So, wait till you finalise your décor theme to buy the outfit of your dreams.

PS – In matching to the theme, always think coordinated NOT twining 😇

The Designer Lehengas Lust

Natasha arora wedding| Bridal lehenga shopping
(C) Ivy Weddings

 We all lust over Sabyasachi’s bridal collection (I am in awe of his lehenga ALL THE TIME #LoveStruck). But, you’ve gotta think of your pocket, before you lock it. So, instead of being sloppy, look for a local designer ‘coz ORIGINAL IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN COPY 😇

DON’T Wear Your Wedding on your Sleeve!

Sales assistant at help | Bridal lehenga shopping
(C) Gulcan & Sahinur Twins

 Yes he’s pampering you with all those juices and sweet talk, but DON’T ever spill too many beans about your wedding to the sales fleet. We get that you want to gush, but if you don’t want inflated prices you better stay hush! Destination wedding = Expensive MRPs 😱

More choices = More FOMO 🙈

Stunning dresses | Bridal lehenga shopping
(C) Shyamal & Bhumika

Try as many outfits as your age (#ResearchAlert 😜)! But, the more you try, the more you’re confused. #NoFun

So remember to try enough but not many that you have FOMO (Thank You Dear Zindagi 😇)

Last Minute Love💗

Last minute touchups on bride | Bridal lehenga shopping
(C) Morvi Images from Purva and Sahil’s Wedding

Collect your lehenga from the designer a week before the big day, AFTER one last outfit trial so that they can help with any last minute alterations. Also, discuss with them how to store it properly till the big reveal 💖

Keep it the RIGHT LENGTH!

Bride dancing comfortably | Bridal lehenga shopping
(c) Film My Story Photography

Remember to get the lehenga length right to NOT make it a dreadful night 🙈! After all, you need to be able to walk in it with AND without heels without risking a fall!

So there you go! Armed with this info, you can be a total lehengas shopping expert you know!



Featured Image Source – Dipak Studios