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The ultimate Indian mehendi planning checklist | 1 week timeline for mehendi planning | checklist for indian wedding | thankyou notes #wittyvows
DIY Indian Mehendi Things No One Tells Brides

Wedding Planning 101 – The Ultimate Indian Mehndi checklist for every Bride!

Every bride’s mehndi is that one FUNction, where she can really let her hair down. Her chance to pull all the stops with super fun decor and personal details that’ll wow the whole town. No pressure! Seriously, no pressure, we’ve got a Mehndi Checklist that’ll help you nail your Indian Mehndi planning with flying dark colours!


Planning a full function can take a toll, especially since you need to take care of everything from the decor, to your outfit, right down to the dhol! We’re covering all the basic areas you need to oversee, so that you leave no stone unturned and nothing is overlooked for your pretty mehendi! ✨ Here’s our checklist of all Mehndi Planning essentials packed into a two months power timeline.


The ultimate Indian mehendi planning checklist | 2 month timeline for mehendi planning

Choose the Venue : Whatever place you decide, your house, a hotel or banquet, a farm or something completely off-beat, make sure you choose and book your venue well in time to avoid any oops moments later.

Vendor Bookings : We’re sure you would only want the best crew for your day, which is why you MUST book these essential vendors asap rather than whiling time away! We’re talking – Photographer and videographer | Decorator/Designer | Mehndi Artist | MUA (Make Up Artist) | Caterer

Start Dreaming : Take out time to google and pin ideas that you like so that you can clearly dream all the elements of your Mehndi theme!

Find your Favour : Do some R&D and freeze the favours you want to give your guests.

Sample the food : Use this time to take your food trials (while you can work it off), you don’t any last-minute surprises on the big day!

Find your Fashion Fix : you’re two months away! It you haven’t already, you NEED to find the perfect outfit for you and BAE! 🕺🏼💃🏻

Save the Dates : Send out your save the dates for the function as a friendly reminder to be there for EVERY function!

Make friends to know trends : To follow trends you need to know them! Follow the right blogs and pages (WittyVows) to get all the latest trends from these online friends!


The ultimate Indian mehendi planning checklist | 1 month timeline for mehendi planning

Detail your Decor : Once you have booked your decorator, you will need to tell them whatever is your decor dream. Start with the theme, which could range from colorful kitschy to rustic chic! Don’t leave any detail unattended, here’s what all you need to slay –  The Entry | The Stage | Your bridal seating | A photo booth | Centerpieces | The Bar

Book your Entertainers : With a month to go you must block your musicians, entertainer (other than your drunk cousin) DJ, Dholwalas and maybe even an emcee.

Take your Trials : Finish your makeup and hair trials so you have the final look in mind.

Mehndi Designs : TBT the blogs and Pinterest to find the right mehendi design. A modern wedding must have an absolutely amazing Mehndi too!

Get the Gifts : Remember those favours you decided, its high time to buy them and get them packed!

Psst! while you’re at it, now is a good time to send all the things you’re giving to the grooms fambam for packing too.


The ultimate Indian mehendi planning checklist | 2 weeks timeline for mehendi planning

Fab Floral Jewellery : Amongst all the event planning, don’t forget to shift the focus to yourself. Time to pick the perfect floral accessories, jewellery and shoes to pair with your mehndi wear.

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BYE DIY : Now is the time to say bye to DIY. wrap up all the DIY projects you’ve undertaken so that the next few weeks are stress free!

SIP SIP Hurray : Freeze your bartender and find a signature drink for your Mehndi, its only fair that even your bar is trendy!

Pop The Question : Ask your BFFs to officially be your bridesmaids with special custom accessories that will set your squad apart from the other guests

Reminders and RSVPs : Remember to send reminders (pun intended). Texts and personal calls for  them all!

Trending Treats : Every wedding needs that one fun trending activity. With 2 months to go finalize what you’ll do be it the mannequin challenge, lip dubs or boomerangs to steal the show!


The ultimate Indian mehendi planning checklist | 1 week timeline for mehendi planning

Bride’s Understudy  : This close to the function, you need to handover reigns, no matter how much that pains. Do a final meeting with all the vendors and get in your mains.

Traditional tASKs : Do a check to see if there’s any particular ceremony that your family follows or his does, so that you can arrange for the same.

Final Fittings : A last round of fittings is desired, so that your outfit can be altered if required.

Spa Sessions : having handed over all the planning, it’s officially pamper time!

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The ultimate Indian mehendi planning checklist | a day before timeline for mehendi planning

Start your Henna Art : Heres a tip for you, we know you want photos of you getting your mehndi in your fab outfit, but get part of it done on your feet a day before so that you can enjoy the party too!

Make your emergency Bridal kit : Flat footwear, safety pins, double-sided tape to save the day.

Desi Nuskhas : Get all your need to ensure your Mehndi is dark AF! Dadi tells us that heating your hands on clove is quite the trick!

Last but not the least check with your fiancé so that he’s done everything too! (fast forward to your new life as wife!)

With all this you’ll be set and just need to be party ready on the mehndi day. Just stick to the plan and enjoy your mehndi party before you become the wife to your fav. man! (think lots of drunk dancing, pretty posing with your mains and LOTS of amazing bridal twirls in your stunning Mehndi lehenga! )


Have any other responsibility you’d like to add? Tell us in the comments below ⬇️

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