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Top 2020 Getting Ready Poses For Swag Brides

When you’re getting married, you need photos – lot of photos for every moment, you want to capture everything – specially when you’re getting ready for your big day! Yup, here’s some top getting ready poses you MUST get from your getting ready shoot with friends, fam and bae – get inspo from some stunning real brides who know how slay their way!

Trending Getting Ready shots for Swag Brides of 2020

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#1 Lehnga Mehenga Moment

You can pose with your oh-so stunning bridal lehenga with the cutest expressions! You can either wear a robe, jeans or even shorts! Show off the perfect before you wore the lehenga shot!

#2 One With Your Squad

How can you anything without your squad?! Definitely no! Why not pose for your getting ready with your best friends. Here’s a few getting ready poses real brides stayed with their girl gang that we absolutely looove <3!

#3 BathTub Swag!

This is another trending one on this list – swag brides who’ve posed while getting ready in bathtub and looked super chill with no care in the world!

#4 When Food is Loveee!

This is perfect getting ready shot for swag brides who are foodies and just cant do without their fav. food :P! These getting ready shots come out super pretty and candid 🍕

#5 Too Cool 😎…

These are some swag brides who have taken a moment to put their shades on and be in their zone before walking down the aisle catching up on some ‘me time’ :P! Just get some shades and grab a drink before you meet your bae *wink* *wink*

Tag a bride who you cant wait to pose with!

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