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Trending New Ideas for Wedding Gifts
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10 Trending New Ideas For Wedding Gifts to Pair With Your Card

Box Wedding Card with Amazing Goodie

Couples today want everything to be unique – from their attire to their cards – everything needs to be on fleek. Since the invite is the first look of your wedding, not finding the perfect gift with the card is something most couples are dreading. The traditional mithai ka dabba has been replaced with new age ideas. Read below to see some super new ideas for wedding gifts to pair with your card that are trending hard.

Ideas for Wedding Gifts To Give With Your Wedding Invite

Seed Bombs/Saplings for a Green Wedding

How about going Eco-friendly and gifting something green with your wedding invites? Small sapling plants, Seed paper/pencils or seed bombs are the perfect gift this wedding season.

Customized Coasters & Cute Shot Glasses

Customize coasters and shot glasses with a the message of your choice. This way everyone will know the wedding will be a complete rage 😛

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Champagne & Cookies

A sugar rush mixed with the best bubbly high! What better way to invite friends for a PUNJABI wedding than this? Take a cue from Justin Beiber’s Wedding gift – his studded customised champagne bottle is a total idea to lift!

Bath-Bombs & Essential Oils

This is a sweet way to help your guests relax after the fab wedding frenzy. Get yourself cute customized bath-bomb boxes matching the wedding card! This out of the box idea is totally worth stealing for your wedding. 😛

Fresh Flowers

Roses and love have always gone together, so why not let that tradition continue? Customised roses is a fabulous gift idea, after all, the Ambanis did this too. Get your photos or hashtag printed on roses and gift this along with the wedding invitation card 🙂

Ittar Bottles

Think about having your very own wedding fragrance? Now that’s a real keepsake! All your relatives will definitely love this idea and even wear the fragrance on the wedding day for you!

Fortune Cookies with Blooming Tea

How about gifting blooming tea (to let your love bloom 😛 ) along with fortune cookies? You can get customized messages for each function. It could anything from the dress code for the guests/ the time or even just a quote – this is a fresh idea to note!

Scarf + Tie/Cufflink Sets
Trending New Ideas for Wedding Gifts | pocket square set
Source: williampenn.net

Get your loved ones matching accessories like this. Ask the guests to flaunt these at one of your functions for some major squad goals! A great idea for coordinated photos!

Board Games

Take a cue from the Indian Chess Champ Harika Dronavalli and Inviting your guests to the game of life. Gift something people will not throw away after the wedding. Let your card itself turn into a board game and let the guests have fun even before the festivities begin!

Customized Bluetooth Speakers
Trending Wedding Souvenirs | customized bluetooth speakers
Source: qualtry.com

These are great for a beach wedding! Gift Bluetooth speakers so guests can enjoy the PARTAY to come!

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