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Groom Welcome Entry Ideas

Bored of welcoming your jiju the old school way? Well hello bridesmaids, here we’ve got you some amazing ideas to welcome him in super fun ways. Read on to see some fab ideas to use for your sister’s wedding day!

Some Hattke Groom Welcome Ideas

Spin it baby!

This is a fun way to welcome the groom. All you have to do is to make a spin wheel and simply write all your bridesmaids’ demands on it. Be it shagun money prices or an outright jutti submission!

Bridesmaids welcoming the groom | Spin the wheel game | groom welcome ideas
Photo (c) : Light Year Studio

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A how well do you know her game!

How can it be so easy for Jiju to enter in, after all its your sister/ bestie’s hand for life that he’ll win! Set up placards for a Q&A so he answers questions about her and wins her the right way!

Truth AND Dare!

Make some chits with dares written on them for your jiju to play. This way you can get him to totally do whatever you saali’s want for the big day! Here are some dares you can try:

Abhishek’s entry dare!

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+ sing a song + dance on a Bollywood number + mimic the brides favorite actor

groom welcome ideas | dare to give to your jiju | funny game to play at wedding
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Give us our CUT!

Let him inaugurate this new chapter of his life, with a clear message to pay up before he can see his to be wife! Go for customized ribbons with messages like “No entry without tax” or “If you want our sister, pay up mister”!

Reena’s Bridesmaids Bargained their way through through this one 😛

The (c)old Shoulder Entry

This one is for all jiju ke saale. If you boys are looking for groom welcome ideas & want to have some fun with your jiju, lift him up on your shoulders and bring him through!

Say it with a sign

Whether it’s a placard with funny phrases or a straight up welcome sign, these ideas to welcome Jiju are super fine!

Bring him with balloons

On his last day of freedom, let him feel the joy, as the bridal party releases balloons with their favourite boy!

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Featured Image Source – Umbreen Ibrahim Photography