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Best Friend Goals : EPIC Ideas for First Night Pranks | 1st Night | Best Friend| Bridesmaids Duties | Fun Friends |Indian wedding
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Best Friend Goals : EPIC Ideas for First Night Pranks 😆 💑 😉

As the Best Friend of the bride or groom, we have many things to do. Helping with planing, keeping them sane, planning a crazy bachelor/bachelorette AND of course, pulling off an epic first night prank on the unsuspecting newlyweds!😜

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Pulling THE perfect prank is an art only a true BFF can nail. It has to have to right balance of fun and sanity (You don’t want your bff to kill you after all!). You want the newly married couple to be annoyed, embarrassed AND laugh their ass off.😂

Best Friend Goals: EPIC Ideas for First Night Pranks

First Night Prank #1 – The Classic Con

Remember hum aapke hain kaun and the pappad under the mattress? Take that, only with a slight upgrade. Instead of papads, put Whoopee cushions for a whole lot of noise! Place them strategically to mimic mother nature oh so perfectly with some surround sound!😇

Image courtesy: The Aman Gera

BFF Cheat Code: You know which side of the bed your BFF sleeps on, use that. To soothe the blow (quite literally) leave a note on the Whoopi cushion saying you only did this to make sure their now spouse loves them no matter what! 😂

First Night Prank #2 – Every 30 mins Nahi Toh AND free!

For foodie friends, get tons of pizzas delivered to the room at different unearthly hours. (Services like Batman delivers never looked better.) The untimely interruption is going to drive them nuts.

Epic first night pranks to pull for Indian Weddings | Pizza party

Image courtesy: DandyGoat.com

BFF Cheat Code: Be cheeky and write notes on the pizza box like – you’ll need the food to fuel all the calories you guys burned. The brave BFFs may even own up to this and text the couple the gang is coming over for free food party! 😝

Order Pizzas Prank | Trouble the couple for a free midnight party | photo credits - Photoz Aapki

Image courtesy: Photoz Aapki

Do not Disturb

Place alarm clocks at hidden places in their room. Under the mattress, inside the washroom, in the cupboards – pretty much everywhere and set them to buzz at regular intervals. This wont just disturb their shenanigans, but, will effectively psych them out to sit up waiting for the next bell to ring!

Image courtesy: Happy Flashbacks

BFF Cheat Code: Super easy to do for the BFF. All you need to do is spread out to create an ALARMING situation! 😅

Pamper with a Hidden Hamper

This prank is actually really thoughtful. Make a hamper for the newly weds with all kinds of goodies from massage oils, lube, condoms, handcuffs etc. Add small funny notes on each gift like ‘coz he’s an ass on the lube lol! But the fun part is in the end, add a small TURNED OFF camera, with a note saying, we were watching. It will be a petrifying for sometime, but will be super funny later!

Best Friend Goals : EPIC Ideas for First Night Pranks | 1st Night | Best Friend| Bridesmaids Duties | Fun Friends | Indian wedding

Image courtesy: Just Add Strawberries

BFF Cheat Code: You KNOW your best friend, maybe hint at a certain position or under wear color to scare them at the morning after breakfast. 😈

Meet the Parents

So, some people believe that the bride must sleep with the mother in law on the first night (Seriously, ask your buniya friends). In this case, life has already pranked your friend. NOTHING you can do will top that first night fail. For others, get the parents in on the game. Let them get all comfortable in the room, only to find their new in-laws knocking on the door for something or the other. Imagine the temperature in the room heating up just when aunty knocks to ask if you guys need an extra blanket!😂😂

Image courtesy: Pinterest

BFF Cheat Code: Only you know if the mom/ MIL is chilled out enough to pull this prank.

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Baby Scare

Nothing freaks out a couple about to go at it like a baby scare! Place baby dolls (like those from the godhbharai ceremony) all over the room with notes like I’ll be made today! Yikes!

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Arjun katha Photography

Go a notch higher and ask the little kids to interrupt them CONSTANTLY. The ‘lil ones are so adorable, your friend won’t even be able to say anything to them!😇

Baby Scare Prank | little nieces and nephews in Indian Weddings

Image courtesy: Mohsin Ali Photography

BFF Cheat Code: This is a great idea for the friend whose always calling their fiancé baby! Its payback time for all the lovey dove you had to endure as BFF!😎


You know what scares people most? Knowing that someone will play a prank on them and waiting for it to happen. Have notes like “watch Out”, “we are coming”, “wait for it” etc and do what? Well, nothing! This will the most effortless prank ever.

Image courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography 

BFF Cheat Code: No one knows more than you know much of a Phattoo your friend is! Use that for your priceless prank!😁

Cute Childhood Clicks

We all have some seriously embarrassing baby pictures, where our parents decided to click us in our ningu glory! Get these next level candid childhood clicks blown up crazy big film poster style and place them in the room with a note saying – not the same anymore!

Image courtesy: Amy and Stuart Photography & Pinterest

BFF Cheat Code: Easy access to the photos and you’ll know which pictures your friend really hates. Use those 😈

That’s it! These ideas will make sure you’re the best wedding prankster in town.🙌🏼


Do you have any other Epic Ideas for First Night Pranks? Tell us in the comments below ⬇️

Featured Image Source – Saurabh Rungta Photography