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Craving A Minimoon? These Staycation Ideas & Date Nights Are Perfect For Indian Couples To Slay!

No matter how much we curse corona and pray for it to disappear soon, we know we have to live with the new normal. Even though all we want to do is run away for a minimoon with bae but there’s no place that seems safe to stay! But, what if we said you can refresh and take a break right at home? Yup, a change of scene without even leaving your house but still getting some different and romantic time with your spouse! Take an off from your work and plan some fun date nights with bae, the at home staycation way 😛

Ideas to plan special date nights for your staycation at home.

Here are some date nights ideas to make your staycation at home a special minimoon and something you’d love to do again and again 😉 An ideal 2 night itinerary for an Indian couples to tap out from reality!

Minimoon | Staycation ideas for Indian couples
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At home spa sessions

Start the vacay in the most relaxed way. We know how much you miss your spa sessions. So, book a at home spa session for you and bae, to relax together and rejuvenate. You can’t fix the whole world but you can definitely fix that neck pain WFH brought!

Hire a professional Chef For The One Night

We know how much you miss going out to your favorite restaurants for those fancy dinner dates. So hire a professional chef, who’ll come to your house cook fresh food of your choice and give you a 5 star experience at your own home. Don’t forget to get dressed, so it feels like a candlelight night does right 🙂


Game Day With Bae

Video games or board games, whatever you like! Our personal favourite is monopoly – a game that takes long to play but keeps you entertained all the way! And ofcourse it feel great to have all that cash to spend 😛 As it’s gonna be just you two, you can turn this casual fun date into a hot one and take the games to bedroom, ahem you know what we mean, right?

Movie Night At Home

Rent a projector or just make your tv room your movie theater. Dim the lights, keep your popcorn & cola ready and let the fun begins! This is a night with no outsiders (even on WhatsApp). We love the idea of creating a cozy tent corner, with some pillows and coziest blankets you have, and some fairy lights to make your minimoon a delight.

Ps- need some more ideas to plan a fun date at home? Head here!


Long drives

A perfect way to end your staycation is a long drive with bae! Pack your favorite snacks, some beverages and tune into your fav radio station. We just love how these long drives refresh us, and make us feel how’s everything will be okay soon.

PS – drive to the outskirts where you can pack a picnic too!

There, with these staycation ideas home won’t feel the same 😛 Tell us which one you liked most in the comments below 🙂



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