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Home Date Ideas & Cute Couple Activities for you and BAE Till Corona Goes Away!

You just got married & your honeymoon is cancelled due to Corona? What to do now? Well, just ‘coz you can’t go on your honeymoon, doesn’t mean you can’t spend quality time with BAE! We’ve got plenty of at home date ideas for you and many super fun bonding based couple activities to do! Indulge in these and work on your bond till it’s safe to plan a trip, promise you’ll have a fab time still ✨

Count your blessings when you see the effect of corona on Indian weddings as you were lucky enough to get married before the corona breakdown!

Home Date Ideas
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Home Date Ideas & Our favourite Couple Activities For You & BAE

The social isolation period might be hear-breaking for some, specially the ones who just had the biggest social event of their lives aka their wedding. While it’s sad that you cannot travel for your honeymoon and we get that you’re bummed, but, there’s so many ways you can still enjoy together. Check out these ideas to stop and just be with your new pati 🙂

Time to Take Some Rest

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Use the lock down to refresh yourself from all the wedding exhaustion. We recommend a DIY massage session with your partner, after all, a spa doesn’t compare to a neck massage BY BAE!

Netflix & Chill

Forget the time when we used to watch Netflix in office (in incognito mode of course!). Well now, you have all the freedom. So, watch your favourite shows together, make some popcorn, dim the lights and cozy up in a blanket for a movie date 🙂

Time for Some Exotic Mood Food

Spend some time cooking with BAE (even maa ke haat ka khanna does not compare to a meal cooked together after all). Live a little Bollywood life and let all rom-coms come true in reality. 😛

Home Makeover Time It Is

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With a hectic daily routine & running around, you probably didn’t get time to set up your home sweet home. We say, why not spend some quality time setting up your new home together. Trust us, this feeling is priceless.

Challenge your BAE!

Spend some time playing Offline games like Monodeal or Snooker with your partner. You don’t really know a person till you’ve competed against them 😛 So grab your beer and get cracking on board games together OR you can even play online games with your friends together sitting at your own home of course!

Relive the Moments

Home Date Ideas | wedding album
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Use this time to see and sort your wedding photos! Normally you would find it super difficult to pull out time to do this, now you have ALL the time in the world to relive your memories…that too, together 🙂

Sway Together

Dim the lights, light some aroma candles, pour some wine, turn on your romantic playlist and you are all set to sway together. Make the best out of this by dancing your hearts out with each other. *romantic*

Train Together

Couples that WORK OUT TOGETHER, stay (FIT) together 😛 With a lot of time in hand, spend some time exercising, meditating and doing yoga together at home.

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