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New Entry ideas for Indian Grooms | Yuvraj singh enters on an ATV at his Goa wedding
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Groom Goals – From Yuvraj Singh to Karan Singh Grover – The Best Fun New Groom Entry Ideas out there!

A groom entry with SWAG is a MUST. From Bollywood to the Cricket Crazy, every celeb groom is nailing it! We totally loved the latest at Yuvraj Singh’s Goa wedding were he roared in on an ATV! So fun! And right then, we KNEW you boys would want to spruce up your own entry.

New Entry ideas for Indian Grooms | Yuvraj singh enters on an ATV at his Goa wedding
Yuvraj Singh’s Awesome ATV entry

Photo Source – Indian Express

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Let’s face it your BAE’s gonna look craaazy pretty when she walks in, and you‘re gonna look dapper in your own killer shaadi swag! You can’t not pair that with a kickass entry!

Yes, tradition says you have to come in on a ghodi, but if you’re a more experimental Jodi, here’s some amazing fun Groom entry Ideas you can totally own at your wedding boys!

Crazy ConfidencePro
Your Natural Swag!be dapper as you are
Some Awesome ideas!We got your back

If you’re game for a little more fun, here are some crazy new entry ideas, and you’ll love every single one!

From Fun to Fancy, Celebrity style to celebratory, some regal others illegal  – we’ve got it all!

So boys, this one’s for you. You’ve found the love of your life, now lets find and entry that’ll WOW your future wife!😎

Lets check ’em out shall we? 


(it was funnier when Chandelier said it 😜)

Segway in Full Swag 

Photo Source – Into Candid Photography,  The Wedding Story

Ditch the old school entry for a new age ride! Enter in style on a segway dressed up for the occasion or go for  Karan Singh Grover style entry and strap a Go Pro on it for a first hand documentary of your own entry 🙂

Storm in on a Chopper 😎
Indian groom entry ideas | Groom enters on a helicopter | Curated by witty vows
Hailing the helicopter ride

Photo Source – Cosmic Danila Photography

For those in for some Bollywood style theatrics, a hired helicopter (or otherwise) is perfect for that karan Johar level of dramatic impact! This Groom entry idea will definitely Blow em away (pun intended)

Cruise in a Regal Vintage Car

Photo Source – Dream Diaries, WedKnock 

You can never go wrong with a vintage car, coz boys vintage is always in! Get yourself a regal ride or dress it up with pride! PS. we love how this groom’s vintage is decorated with a glitzy gold moustache! So fun!

Sports Car Shenanigans
Indian groom enters in baraat in a sleek sports car| Curated by witty vows
Sporty and spontaneous

Photo Source – Erin Shimazu Photography

Speed through in your sports car with some stellar swag!

Cruise in ON a car
Indian groom entry ideas | Groom enters on a car bonnet |Curated by witty vows
Bonnet Baraat!

Photo Source – The Wedding Salad

If you can’t get your hands on either of them fancy cars, cruise in ON a car instead! Love how this groom is owning his entry!

Swimming in Deep Waters
Indian groom entry ideas | Looking dapper on water in a boat |Curated by witty vows
Found your lifeboat 🙂

Photo Source – Lifeworks Studios

Having a pretty beach or lake wedding? Enter in on beautiful boat ready to make waves with your entry

Chilling through the Crowd Surf
Indian groom entry ideas | Crowd surf your way in on your baraat | Curated by witty vows
Crowdsurfing Fun

Photo Source – Dream Diaries

Our personal favourite of the Groom entry Ideas – ‘Coz Crowdsurfing is also a mode of transport and your bros have literally got your back for your entry!

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Get with it in a Golf Cart

Photo Source – Candid TalesPhotographic Studios

Nothing says resort life more than a golf cart! So if you’re the kind to chill through your baraat get in on a golf cart and blaze a trail

One for the Builder Boys
Indian groom entry ideas | Enter in on a bulldozer | Curated by witty vows
Power through!

Photo Source – Caroline + Ben Photography

A power packed entry for the Property peeps!

Well! It is the ride of your life

Charming in your Chariot
Photo Source – PhotoTantra, Studioom

Those looking for an elegant and royal entry, you just cannot go wrong with a charming horse drawn chariot!

Make Sparks Fly
Indian groom entry ideas | Groom enters with his batsmen with cold pyro shots and hand held gerbs | Curated by witty vows
Coz together you make sparks fly

Photo Source – Cupcake Productions

Enter in Style with your best men setting the room on fire and sparks flying to make way for you! ✨

Hurry in a Harley or Blaze through in a Bullet
Indian groom entry ideas | Biker Baraat groom enters in on a motorcycle | Curated by witty vows
Biker Baraat

Photo Source – Dream Weavers Photography

Get your boys together and enter together with your baraat on bikes!

Find the Elephant in the room!
Fun new entry ideas for Indian Grooms | Indian groom entry ideas | Groom enters on an elephant | Curated by witty vows
Royalty at its finest

Photo Source – Andrena Photography

Channel your inner royalty and roar through on Elephant back! It doesn’t get more Regal than That!

A Pick and Drop service
Indian groom entry ideas | Groom lifted by best man | Curated by witty vows
We all need a hand sometimes!

Photo Source – Lauren Brimhall

Everybody needs a hand sometimes, this one is for the incorrigible – We’re all for the pick, just hoping there’s no resounding drop! 😜

For the Fabulous and Fit(bit)
Indian groom entry ideas | Groom enters on a cycle with friends | Curated by witty vows
Fabulous and fit(bit)

Photo Source – Michele M Waite

For the fun and perhaps the finest freaks too, this cycle entry is such a cute idea!

Saunter through it all!
Fun new entry ideas for Indian Grooms | Indian groom entry ideas | Walk right in through a file of band baaja guys | Curated by witty vows
Band Baaja and Baraat

Photo Source – Date Khandavilli

If simple is what you have in mind, then take the 11 No. Bus, and Swagger in style through an aisle on band walas with your own spin on Band Baaja Baraat!🎉

Red Carpet done Right
Fun new entry ideas for Indian Grooms | Indian groom entry ideas | Stylish decorated horse entry for the Indian Groom | Curated by witty vows
Red Carpet Ride

Photo Source – Cosmic Danila Photography

If you want to stay traditional and get on the ghodi, then make sure thats a done in style as well!Rolll the red carpet and deck up the ride to impress your bride!👊🏼

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Any other groom-ing issues you need to know about? Let us know in the comments below ⬇︎⬇︎ and we’ll be happy to help a brother out!