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Shaadi Shosha

Jaimala Song Ideas For Indian Weddings

In Indian weddings, you just can NOT do without songs, and now of the lastest trends that you need to ace at your wedding is nailing your ‘jaimala song’. Yup, The jaimala moment is one of the most highly watched moments from your wedding. A time when all eyes are on you and your music must be perfectly on cue! So we’ve shortlisted our favourite song ideas for your jaimala moment too, from stunning chants to soft serenading melodies there’s so many options for you!


The jaimala is the perfect time to play traditional tunes. But just because they are traditional, doesn’t mean they need to be boring. In fact, on the contrary, the right chant can be super powerful and can create an unparalleled ambiance! Check out these mesmerising chants…

#1 Maha Mool Ganesh Mantra & Ganesh Gayatri  

This track will literally give you goosebumps! Playing the Ganesh moolmantra is also going to be auspicious for your new beginning!

#2 Sky Kisses The Earth | Prem Joshua

This instrumental track is perfect for traditional trance with such a modern fusion touch!

#3 Namo Namo – Kedarnath Movie

If you’re looking for something more popular than try Namo Namo from Kedarnath 🙂

#4 Shiv Chants – Uma Mohan

The Shiva Chants by Uma Mohan too are a great accompaniment to build the atmosphere for your jaimala!

#6 Ram Ram |Rattan Mohan Sharma

This chant though simple, can help create a perfect ambiance for your jaimala leading well into your pheras!

#6 Ganpati Arti |Amitabh Bacchan

What better than the pious rendition of Ganesh Arti by Big B!


Yes! Even some of our favourite Bollywood tracks can be fab jaimala song ideas to make your jaimala moment perfect and oh so memorable <3 !

#1 Shubhaarambh | Kai Po Che

Play this festive track till 1:32 and watch the ambiance build!

#2 Mangalyam |Saathiya

A mantra but by A.R. Rahman, if anything can create a spell over your guests, then this is it!

#3 Two states Tamil song

Another one of our jaimala favourites is this wedding sing from 2 states.

Soft Stunners!

Here we have two little offbeat tracks that are soo soft and melodic that they had to be added to make your jaimala moment perf, without leaving any options for..!

#1 Boondon Ke Moti

When we heard this song from Avantika’s wedding, we just couldn’t help add this into our list!

Can’t Help Falling In Love | Devina Chopra ( Elvis Presley)

If you’re looking for something English, then Devina Chopra’s cover of falling in love is pure love! 😛

Hope your Jaimala moment becomes more fab and memorable with these awesome tracks! 😀 <3


Featured Image : Mili Ghosh , Rahul Prakash Tilokani