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How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows
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How to pick the perfect JAIMALA

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Okay, ladies I know what you’re thinking – it’s the minutest of details, you’ve got a million more important bigger things to kill! But, before you close the case on this one, hear me out.

Lets go over those bigger details you KNOW are worth the thought – months of research and endless trunk shows to find that super pretty perfect lehenga, endless hours of googling and window shopping for the most stunning bridal jewelery to go with, days of makeup trials to get the right look – after all, nothing but the best for your D day look, and now the final touch, the okay type jaimala garland that your almost husband throws over it all! Aw Hell NO!!

It’s not just a garland girls, its pretty much the icing on the bridal cake. And It IS going to show in almost every photo of your wedding day! So wise up ladies, there’s no way we’re letting a small oversight cost you your perfect bridal look! You HAVE to nail this tiny albeit oh so important detail!

So, now that we all agree on the why, lets get down to the how and as usual we got your back  😎

How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows


  • Do your homework : Just like any other detail for your wedding, you need to do some research and know what all possibilities are out there. So grab some popcorn and get your phone – we prescribe some pin happy moments to oogle some pretty jaimala inspiration.How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows

P.S. check out our pre curated pinterest board for some ready to use pretty jaimalas – you’re welcome!

  • Not every freebie is Fabulous! – The varmala is NOT something you should let your decorator just throw in with the décor as a freebie! Spend a little extra if you have to but do NOT settle for the surplus flowers that are easy for him to FIT along with your package, coz ladies they’ll FIT in all your wedding snaps!
  • Tell your florist/vendor or rather phool wala bhaiya what you’re wearing – I know it sounds creepy, but stay with me on this one. You’d think that’s the last detail he needs to know, but darling, to plan your Jaimala, its pretty much the first thing you should tell him. Your florist MUST know the colours of your outfit– this will help him suggest colour combinations and flowers that will stand out and not clash with your wardrobe!
  • Think coordinated not twinning – jaimalas should never ‘match’ your outfit colour. It should be the same family not the same colour. Red flowers on a red lehenga are buzz kill. But a peach/maroon flower on red is ravishing!
    How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows
    You’ve already found your perfect match in your Var (insert blush here) what you need now is a complimentary Varmala!
  • Size DOES matter – get your head out of the gutter girl! We’re still talking about the Jaimala! Yes, it’s the big fat Indian wedding and people feel the more you do the more splendid it’ll be! But this is one place where you want to curb yourself. While bigger may sound splendid – Think of all the other splendid details it will hide. Its important to choose a size of the mala that will cover just the right amount on your outfit. It’s the exclamation point of your ensemble try not to let it overshadow the whole sentence! Don’t just ask for the biggest grandest one out there.
    How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows
    Love the idea to invert your malas but go easy on the sizes

TIP : consider your built as well when making this choice because if you are a petite girl you would want to look at delicate thin malas rather than super elaborate ones.

  • WEIGH your decision – Malas can get real heavy so try and factor that in as well. Hell, you’re already holding the fort with all the jewellery and the works! Ask any bride that’s been there, even one extra pin is havoc on your overburdened head! Do you really need to add a heavy garland on top of the ahem, double dupattas to pull your head back more? Save your self the neck sprain and pick garlands with details that add to the beauty and not dead weight.
  • DON’T wear your decor – Look to your wedding décor colours/flowers/embellishments to decide what to get or what NOT to get in your Jaimala. You do not want it to look like you plucked it off the walls of your venue décor!

(FYI this makes most economic sense for your wedding decorator – to simply use the extra flowers for the Jaimala – *refer to earlier point on freebies, but its your wedding you it should be creative NOT convenient)

  •  If you MUST have it, you MUST inform your vendor in advance – if you have your heart set on a particular flower, (exotic or otherwise – there have been days when the mandi didn’t have red roses either!) do tell him/her that in advance and request them to pull some strings. I’ve seen way to many brides set their heart on a particular flower style and then get super disappointed when it’s unavailable a day before the wedding. It’ll just save you a lot of heartbreak. A good florist/designer will tell you upfront what your chances are of getting that option and will help you plan a backup if required. It seems silly now but we totally get how it feels when even a small thing doesn’t go right on the big day!
  • Leave room for a backup – Now that you know exactly how important this decision is, you may want to run and wrap it up asap and mark it as done. However, that’s not quite true. It’s okay to discuss and shortlist styles with your floral designer, but recheck on the final mala few days in advance of the wedding.         WHY? -The florist no matter how big/small will have to depend on the supply at the city’s flower mandi to make your garland. Being a small quantity of flower he can’t always ensure 100% this order in advance (even if he says he can) and therefore, it’s best to ask him to check few days ahead and firm up your decision accordingly. This is something I’ve always done with brides to make sure there are no nasty surprises last minute!
  • Borrow from your destination – Ladies this is very important. If you have a destination affair please look at Jaimalas that you can source locally. I’ve had first hand experience trying to help brides smuggle flowers out of the country last minute and let me tell you its unnecessary stress that you and your wedding designer both do NOT need! Flowers are super delicate they need a lot of care and attention when transported – iceboxes, temperature controlled outer cases, travel safe layers – the works. It’s a logistical nightmare – think of your worst bridezilla outburst and double it – sending jaimalas is THAT high maintenance. So, look at options that are unique to your destination, every place has its own specialties. Your wedding designer will thank you and in turn focus their energies in much better places last minute.How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows

Check out these amazing thai florals built completely form local flowers and craftsmanship! This just proves – local is oh so pretty and wise! PS – For a beach add some shell detail, for a hill station go wildflower, for the city just go local and pretty 😛

  • Try a twist – The Jaimala is the perfect space to try a little innovation on a budget! There’s so many ways you can set yours apart without breaking the bank and really make a statement. And remember, there’s more than just flowers to play with – There’s sooooooo many things you can add on to your garland girls! Check out these!
    Check out these amazing thai florals built completely form local flowers and craftsmanship! This just proves - local is oh so pretty and wise!
    Add some pearl sections to make it pop! Image Source
    How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows
    Paper flower garlands are the new rage!
    How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows
    Mix and match – use smaller flowers paired with bigger blooms and colour block away!
    How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows
    Add some gota detailing!
    How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows
    Add dainty ribbon details
    How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows
    Add colour in cross sections
  • Consider the climate – flowers are seasonal and no act of planner/god can get you an offseason flower in great spirits/prices. Always ask your vendor /florist about the flowers that are used to make garlands during that season. So, ensure you pick from those options rather than paying a bomb for a wilted risky import – BAD idea.
    How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows
    Use basic seasonal flowers but adapt the design!
  • Simply sample – Most brides don’t know this but it’s totally possible to ask your vendor to make a small sample of the mala so that you can see it before taking the final call. Good florists make small 5inch sections for your final nod, for a totally nominal price if any. Think of it as the Asian paints sample box- you wont paint your wall without a trial run, how can you possibly freeze your All important once in a lifetime bridal Varmala without one?
    How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows
    Get small sample sections made to be sure of your choice

There, you’re now prepared to nip this detail right in the bud! (no pun intended, because the right Jaimala is no joke!)

How to find your perfect Jaimala by Witty Vows


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