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Old Indian Folk Songs That Will Set The Perfect Traditional Filmy Vibe At Your Indian Wedding !

The shaadi season is just around the corner, and you must’ve started looking for the perfect wedding songs for your big D day. Well, with soo many Bollywood and peppy tracks around us, let’s not forget the evergreen charm of the ‘lok sangeet‘ in Indian weddings. To help you out with this, Wittyvows has handpicked the most impeccable Indian folk songs for 2021 weddings. Yes, you read it right – check out this super special edition of our handpicked folk tunes 🙂

The Indian Folk Songs For Fab Indian Wedding Celebrations !

Get ready to slay your intimate Indian wedding with the golden collection of the most beautiful wedding folk songs.

1. Madhaniya

This heartwarming Punjabi folk song is just too perfect for your big D day! The sentiments of a young girl for her ‘baabul‘ & her maternal home is expressed in the most beautiful way.

Kala Sha Kala

This happy-go-lucky punjabi folk track is something to live for ! We’re in love with the energetic vibe of this one.. This one is all about a bold bride praising her dulheraja, in front of her girl gang . (PS- This is the perfect track for a lit wedding dance choreography )

Lathe Di Chadar

This top notch punjabi folk song will set the wedding mood just right ! We’re bowled over by the soothing lyrics & an upbeat music.

Kesariya Balam

Padharo Mhare Des ! The folk song of Rajasthan ‘Kesariya Balam‘ is one of the most beautiful track showcasing ‘Mehmaannawazi’ and rich culture of India.

Mai Ni Meriye

We’ve handpicked the most loved versions of Mai Ni Meriye… a masterpiece born in the hills of Himachal. The loving & feminine vibe of this track is unmatched !

Mera Laung Gawacha

Another old punjabi folk song, that is just so wholesome with a touch of excitement ! In other words, this is the perfect pick for the Nakhrewali brides. PS – this track is perfect if you have an old school dholki night.

Tera Yaar Bolda

We are in love with this one. The super peppy tone & the magic of this oldie is unbeatable.

Akh Kashni

The wedding folk song for the ones who’re shy yet quirky. Moreover, this track encapsulates all the wedding feels !

Chaap Tilak

Old is Gold ! The high notes like ghazals & desi vibe of this folk song, makes it the ultimate winner.

Piya Ghar Aavenge

This gem is all about devotion of an Indian bride & definitely the most heart touching track ever !


Chaudhary is a musical journey of a young bride & her quirks, in the most elegant way.. (PS- It is the top- notch Rajasthani folk song )


The royal Marwari track that’ll steal your hearts, for sure ! It defines the feelings of a proud Rathore bride…

Ghar Aaja Soniye

An Indian folk song that describes the thoughts & emotions of a girl waiting for her lover.. (PS- This track is best for the Mehandi dance picks )

Morni Baaga Ma Bole

The powerful music of this Indian folk song makes it a legendary composition, for real !

Chitta Kukkad

A light hearted track that will bring the smiles on the faces of the baratis... And yes, it is undoubtedly, the most cutest Sangeet track !

Nai Jaana

Nai Jaana is one of the most innocent & lovely wedding folk song – that’ll mesmerize the whole crowd.

Haldi Baan

Straight from the Devbhoomi Uttarakhand- Haldi Baan is a pure composition of culture & colourful moods.

Dhol Jageero Da

Slay your big D day, with this super energetic folk track ! (PS- Get ready to dance your heart out on this one)

What are you waiting for? These underrated classic Wedding folk songs are hidden gems for sure. Do tell us your fav one !



Featured Image Source : (C) Ansab Jahangir | (C) Sabyasachi