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Sonam Kapoor ways to wear a saree
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#NewlyWedGoals -Sonam’s Drapes To Ape – Fab Ways to Wear a Saree

Are you amongst those who thought Sonam Kapoor wouldn’t have the same fashion flair after her #everydayphenominal wedding ? Well, maybe you gotta think again! Sonam during her films promotions (Veer di Wedding & Sanju) has been making our jaws drop (literally) with her chosen newly wed attire that’s got to be every new bride’s desire. Her Newly wed fashion game is so on point and its trending like how. If you’re a new bride, you’ve got to see her style right now! Why? Because Sonam Kapoor has found a way to reinterpret the traditional saree into a total Style slay! We LOVE how she’s flaunting an ever traditional saree in such a contemporary way. So all you newly weds you gotta follow Sonam on how to wear a saree ‘coz her #NewlyWedGoals are a definite YAY 💗💗

#StyleSlay – Our FAVOURITE Ways for New Brides To Wear a Saree The Sonam Kapoor Way

Sonam kapoor post wedding look
(c) via SouthIndiaFashion.com

Sonam in that pretty lilac saree & that bardot blouse is every bride’s dream. Keeping it so simple yet so elegant , that look is perfect if you’re a NEWLY WED to flaunt your mangalsutra (Oh & don’t miss out on that customised Mangalsutra)

Sonam in denim saree
(C) Via Rhea Kapoor Instagram
Denim saree look
(C) Via google

A denim saree, really? Yes and why not? Sonam Kapoor in that Dikha Khanna has definitely set some MAJOR outfit goals. 

Sonam in Rashmi verma
(C) Via Rhea Kapoor Instagram

Draped in a beautiful Rashmi Verma piece, Sonam Kapoor has made wearing a saree so much fun. Slaying it and how in that drape which you should definitely ape! 

Rashmi verma saree
(C) Via Rhea Kapoor Instagram

This gotta be our FAVOURITE from the lot.That Gaurav Gupta saree draped with a cape is definitely some CRAZY outfit goals. 

Sonam in Gaurav Gupta
(C) Via Sonam Kapoor Instagram

Not to miss the front palla and t shirt blouse she sported at Cannes!

sonam kapoor wear a saree for Cannes | printed saree with a t shirt

And then there was the loose shrug and thin palla number she wore just today! 

sonam kapoor wear a saree for Cannes | printed saree with a loose shirt

*Swoon* We’re still drooling over her style! All you new brides if you take these looks on we guarantee you’ll stand out for miles.Tell us what you think in the comments below


Featured Image Source – Instagram for Sonam Kapoor